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Citrine Stars is run by one crazy (in a good way) lady, and 1 cat who's only helpful maybe sometimes.  

I have been offering online services in all sort of areas of the Metaphysical for 15 years.  I found my home in offering spirits and astral entities 8 years ago and haven't looked back since.  I encourage everyone to vet their sellers when trying someone new and WELCOME questions from anyone who would like to know more about me.  While I don't discuss the methods of my work, I am happy to discuss my philosophy, my beliefs and the time and experiences I've had in this field to help you make confident purchases.  
My Blog is a great place to read about me to start with as well.
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PLEASE READ THIS-  NOTHING purchased here should be used in place of actual medical, financial, legal, etc etc etc counsel.  What I offer here can help you, can offer solace, can be wonderful and uplifting and definitely helpful in some pretty creative ways.  But it should never be used in place of real world attention.  Nothing here will MAKE you rich. Or make you powerful.  Or cure any disease. Or make anyone fall in love with you (or anything that would take their free will). 

My focus as a practitioner has been and always WILL be on companionship, personal growth and personal achievement.  If you are looking for power or domination you will not find it here.  <3




BI-WEEKLY - The 'Next Update' date is posted at the top of the shop page! (this is for PLANNED updates, there may be times where I feel like putting up some listings- these updates are unplanned and just happen)

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Service as It Should Be

I work hard to make every purchase here easy, clear and accessible.  There are a few things that you need to know up front, however:

AFTER PURCHASE - All I need from you for the binding is your name.  If the name on your paypal account is different to your actual name please include it in the notes on your purchase, or send me an email afterwards.  You are welcome to include your Date of Birth as well if you want to.

  • Purchase Information

    Paypal Payments only and NO ECHECKS.  Wix does not process echeck orders immediately or take items out of stock when purchased with an echeck.  Anyone who purchases by echeck will receive an email telling them their purchase was not valid and to wait for a refund.  Echecks CANNOT be refunded until they are completed. This is a paypal thing, not a me thing.  <3

    This is a DIRECT BINDING ONLY store.  No physical vessel will be sent to you.  But there is information provided to you immediately after purchase (please download the file you are prompted to either on the 'Thank You' page OR the email sent to you after purchase dependant on the device you are using) on how to call forth your spirit and how to move them to a vessel whenever you like.

  • Bindings are completed within 24 hours of purchase,
    I will ONLY contact you if I can NOT do the binding in this time frame.
    You do NOT need the binding to be complete to do the bonding invocation. It can be done at any time.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me at-

    Law requires me to state-  This item is for entertainment purposes only.  Do not use this product to replace any form of real medical attention.  If you need medical help please see a doctor.  You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this item.

  • Returns/Refunds

    There are no returns or refunds offered on this intangible product.  If you have any problems or issues please contact me and I will help you as best I can.  <3

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