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Abandon Expectation, Open to Experience

Moon Gazing

NOTHING purchased here should be used in place of actual medical, financial, legal, etc etc etc counsel.  What I offer here can help you, can offer solace, can be wonderful and uplifting and definitely helpful in some pretty creative ways.  But it should never be used in place of real world attention.  Nothing here will MAKE you rich. Or make you powerful.  Or cure any disease. Or make anyone fall in love with you (or anything that would take their free will).

My focus as a practitioner has been and always WILL be on companionship, personal growth and personal achievement.  If you are looking for power or domination you will not find it here.  <3

In accordance with the law-  All items purchased here are strictly for entertainment only.  I make no claim to what WILL or WILL NOT happen with the purchase of anything here.   You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase from my website.  

Citrine Stars is run by two crazy (in a good way) ladies and various cats of varying degrees of competency.  (The cats oppose this message but they can't type to change it!)

Citrine is in charge of all magickal, spiritual and energy work. 
I'm the one that brings the spirit and entity companions forward, does the work with them and writes up their information and listings.  I also takes care of questions and customer service so that you're always speaking directly to the person who has done the magickal work for your companions.
 been offering online services in all sort of areas of the Metaphysical for 17 years, starting with Dream Interpretations and then Past Life & Spirit Guide Readings!  But 12 years ago I found my home in offering Spirits & Entities, and knew this was where she was meant to be.  

Amethyst does all the behind the scenes work that Citrine, quite honestly, hates.  ;)  She takes pictures for listings, does all the super pretty packaging and carts everything to the post office.  She also takes care of the accounting and expenses because Citrine is absolutely rubbish at anything like that and often needs supervision when it comes to spending on business things.    <3

PLEASE make sure that you read the 'Store Policies' below, and the FAQ sections before you make any purchases.  This avoids potential disappointment or a conflict of how I work with how you prefer your services. <3



Service as It Should Be

I work hard to make every purchase here easy, clear and accessible.  There are a few things that you need to know up front, however:


AFTER PURCHASE - All I need from you for the binding is your name.  If the name on your paypal account is different to your actual name please include it in the notes on your purchase, or send me an email afterwards.  You are welcome to include your Date of Birth as well if you want to.

  • Purchase Information

    Paypal Payments only and NO ECHECKS.  Wix cannot process echeck orders immediately or take items out of stock when purchased with an echeck.  Anyone who purchases by echeck will receive an email telling them their purchase was not valid and to wait for a refund.  Echecks CANNOT be refunded until they are completed. This is a paypal policy, not a 'Citrine' policy and there isn't anything I can do about it.  <3

  • Bindings are 'dual' on the website.  The first binding is done to you directly- My work benefits from that first contact beign direct to you, and gives you something to feel immediately more connected to your spirit with.  Vessels are mailed to you and are the secondary binding.  Vessels are NOT where your spirit LIVES.  Your spirit is free to roam wherever they like, vessels are like direct line 'telephones' to your companion.  Having a binding to you and to a vessel is a doubly strong connection and enhances everything from communication to manifestations.

    EXCEPTION - Servitors and Overlays will remain as DIRECT BINDINGS ONLY.  You will not receive a physical vessel for any Servitor or Overlay, no matter if it is purchased here on on the Etsy shop.


  • Direct Bindings are completed within 24 hours of purchase,
    I will ONLY contact you if I can NOT do the binding in this time frame.
    You do NOT need the binding to be complete to do the bonding invocation. It can be done at any time.


  • Vessels are mailed once a week (you will receive an email with tracking information when your parcel ships!) and ship from the USA.  Citrine herself is based in Canada, but mailings for bindings go out from Amethyst in the USA. (If your listing includes hand painted artwork, the artwork will ship from Canada and the Vessel will ship from USA)

  • If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me at-


    Law requires me to state-  Items sold here are for entertainment purposes only.  I do not make any claims of what WILL or will NOT happen if you purchase anything from me.  Do not use this product to replace any form of real medical attention.  If you need medical help please see a doctor.  You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this item.


  • Returns/Refunds


    There are no returns or refunds offered on this intangible product.  If you have any problems or issues please contact me and I will help you as best I can.  <3



Need to contact me about something?
Reach out, I’d be happy to hear from you.
(Contacting me by E-mail ensures the FASTEST response!)

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