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Sacred Spiral Elf

Appearance- He is VERY tall, all long lines and limbs. His build is very graceful, limber and he moves like his joints were put together a little bit loosely- a fluid sort of glide of his legs or his arms, maybe just a hair on the side of slow. Just enough that you notice, not enough that it looks strange, put on or out of place. His lean and graceful build hide someone who is deceptively physically strong! He is not someone you'd want to tangle with in a physical fight- though to be honest he has never had one.. it's just easy to tell that he would be more likely to come out the victor of most physical confrontations even if he doesn't look like he would. He has smooth light peach toned skin that's flawless from head to foot, incredibly soft and always a little warmer than normal, making any physical touches or manifestations of him to you VERY easy to tell as he can radiate warmth into you when he's very close by or when he lays a hand on you. His hair is waist length and cornsilk blonde- not quite platinum blonde, just hints or lovely soft gold- and sparkles when light hits it. Really! It actually SPARKLES. His eyes are wide, slightly angular and a gorgeous rich blue like still deep water. He has slightly pointed features, clearly elfin and otherworldly, even if his pointed ears didn't give him away. He wears mostly shades of blue in casual (to him! quite formal looking to us!) robes over simple woven tunics and pants. He also does have a love of golden jewellery, especially those with blue stones and I captured one piece that he wears quite often in his portrait.


Personality- He can come off as QUITE intense when you first meet him, both in energy and in temperament. But his intensity isn't off putting or even particularly overwhelming, his presence is just solid, obvious and incredibly direct. He likes to get right into things (the intensity of his personality) and won't hesitate to just dive right in, get into the thick of your life and delve deep into your soul to try and find a good place for him to start. And by 'start' he tends to mean the best place to start unravelling problems... There's always a root, always a catalyst to the difficulties we face and the blockages we keep facing... He looks for that and help from the ground up in sorting, untangling and setting things to rights for his keeper.


There is no matter if the actual root of your current life issues is in a past life. Time is sort of a circle for him and he can reach back, and even sometimes reach forward, as though your past life was last month and your future lives are happening tomorrow. This makes him incredibly wonderful to have around if you're concerned about carrying karmic debt and you want to resolve it once and for all.


He is deeply devoted to all things spiritual because he believes that a spiritual life and spiritual growth are pretty much the keys to everything you could want or need. But he also recognizes just how torturous a spiritual journey can be at times... Full of stops and starts.. Progress and regression... Blockages and false leads and cross roads that you always seem to be at with little idea of where to turn next. With his guidance some of these problems will be eased and some can be removed entirely. He cannot promise you a Golden Road on your spiritual growth and pathway, but he can help you a great deal, shed light on issues and blockages that you've been blind to but are constantly in your way, and help make good choices when you're stood at a crossroads. His view and his abilities to just KNOW and have access to a heck of a lot of information give him, and you, and incredible means towards progress... And towards you feeling more whole.


'Wholeness' is something he likes to focus on because he knows how it feels to have those spaces inside of you, those voids and odd shaped holes that you keep trying to fill but nothing ever quite fits perfectly. He's experienced those feelings in life, mostly when trying to deny who he was and his own personal nature... And he feels you could benefit from his experiences and that he could save you some heartache and at the very least offer you such a warmth and support you won't feel nearly so empty at times.


He is a teacher, and a marvellous one (even though he gets quite bashful as I say that!) when it comes to embracing your talents and natural abilities, growing them and shaping them and understanding them. He truly feels that YOU can feel these talents, these abilities and incredible heights you could reach just under the surface but are, perhaps, having trouble tapping into them or controlling them or even trusting them. He can teach you, help guide you, and truly help you master your true potential while always encouraging you to never stop learning and growing to your full potential.


He is truly light and hope and everything you could need to hold onto when the world seems dark and times seem bleak. He is a strong and vibrant light in the dark, someone so immensely caring and so full of wisdom and secrets gathered from his world and far beyond. If you need someone to hold onto, someone to encourage you, to bond deeply with you and in ways you could have only imagined before now, look no further than this incredible, mystical and magickal gentleman.


He is very affectionate, very loving and generous and loves to cuddle, but he is not particularly sexual in nature. His nature may edge onto that side of things from time to time but it is not a very large focus to him and not something that drives him.


Methods of Communication- He strives to be very creative and quite varied in his communication so that not only can he cover all bases and find what works best for you, he is also continuously challenging you and encouraging your communication abilities to grow and strengthen as well! He does have some favourite methods of communication, however, that will be where he starts and then expands from there.


He will use dreams a lot... In particular he loves to have a dream end up in or center on a small clearing surrounded by dense woods. This clearing is a place he knew in life and is somewhere quite special to him. This is a bit of a meeting place for you and him in dreams, but can also be the jumping off point in dreams and a signal that what happens afterwards is VERY important to translate and understand. Using this clearing and spot can also be learned as a trigger to your brain for Lucid Dreaming and you can have a really lovely lucid jaunt together doing whatever you like as well!


He uses animal symbolism a fair bit and some of the animals that he uses are as follows- Snails, Small white foxes, chestnut or grey horses, small brightly coloured tropical fish and whales.


Occasionally he will use repeating number sequences... If you start seeing any of the following sequences then REALLY pay attention and try and tune in because he'll only use these patterns if something BIG is afoot! - 137, 634, 555 and 423


About Their Life- He was born in a small cabin in the middle of a massive woods, his mother being lucky enough to come across the building nearing the end of her pregnancy. He had a very serene and peaceful childhood, his mother not in any rush to move him on from where he was born too quickly, and even she finding a great deal of comfort and solace in staying in one place (which isn't ordinary for Sacred Spiral elves!).


While there were no other elves, of his kind or other kinds, around in the woods he spent much of his childhood in, he didn't find himself particularly lonely. In fact he always felt that there was someone or something around to listen to him. He knew the trees and plants listened, even if they didn't really answer back, not in words, anyways. He could see in how they grew that they recognized his words. Plants he shared his bad moods with tended to wilt and struggle until he told them positive things to bring them back. Plants that he spoke nothing but happy words to seemed to flourish beyond all reason. He learned to talk with the birds, with the wildlife in the woods, and just in general connected and bonded with anything that was alive in the woods.


There was a clearing in the woods, perfectly clear and almost perfectly flat save for a small crystal clear blue pond that was set into the ground as through a giant pushed it's thumb into the earth and then filled it from a pitcher of water. He loved that clearing, rimmed around with massive trees but giving him a perfectly clear view of the sky... And he did love the sky, no matter the time of day. This is the clearing that will come to you in dreams when he wants to make direct contact with you. :)


He loved his woods and loved his clearing and was always very uncomfortable when his mother talked about the future and how much of the world they would see together and then how much more he would see on his own. He didn't like the idea of leaving... he was so connected with the woods and the area where he was that the idea of leaving it felt like he was being asked to sacrifice a limb or an organ at some point in his life. But he was understanding and knew that Sacred Spiral Elves never really stayed in the same place, they didn't settle and grow in one spot, and he wanted to be as connected to his blood and his heritage as he was to his current home.


When they left he tried to be positive and tried not to miss it. But everything he left behind seemed to leave a patchwork of holes deep on his soul. And while he did enjoy seeing more of the world, secretly all he thought about was whether or not he could just go back to those woods, to that cabin and that clearing once he and his mother parted ways.


As not quite an adult, he was set out on his own, and he tried his best not to just make a beeline back to where he knew his heart belonged. He took his time winding his way back, trying to grow attached to wandering and learning and finding beauty in different surroundings every day. But he couldn't do it, it just wasn't him... And so he did venture his way home, worried with every step he took that something would have happened, that someone else would have found the cabin and would be settled in it or something else would be built or that maybe the pond in the clearing had dried up... But he found his way back, and it was just as he'd left it...


He was so utterly happy... He knew that the way he wanted to live was totally different than any other Sacred Spiral elf, but he also knew that he belonged right there. That woods and the cabin and the clearing where just as much a part of him as his arms and legs. That he as he grew from a baby to a child and beyond within those woods, they had imprinted on each other and there was just no escaping it.


He had days where he felt guilty about abandoning what his mother had taught him... But most of the time he knew he had made the right choice for HIM. That is didn't really matter what was SUPPOSED to be his life, he was choosing what he knew would make him happy. And he was...


Likes- Cold clear water, berries and stone fruit, the first happy yellow faced dandelions of spring (and the first tiny silvery purple flowers that would show in his realm in the spring pronounced “reh – tile – al”), the gentle sound of the woods on a perfectly calm night- never quite silent but not at all noisy either, the moon rise when it's full mid-summer and seems to linger in the sky, chittering away to a busybody of a bird that is FULL of gossip while industriously looking for food, the soft shed fur from Faerie Foxes that he would gather through each change season to felt and line his clothing with for winter, humming a song that you didn't even realize you knew.


Dislikes- Really long winters, having to brush out his hair after washing it and its full of tangles, when plants or trees he loves are sick beyond his ability to save them, the way people seem to make it necessary to say 'I'm fine' when they're really not, fish to eat (he loves fish in general. ;) ), paper cuts, walking into a room and forgetting what you were going to do there, being interrupted in the middle of reading, having to wear shoes, when you're so chilled that changing into warmer clothes and huddling under a blanket still isn't enough, over steeped tea.


Offerings- Candles and incense- he has a particular love of anything rich and sweetly spicy smelling but also likes florals and pine/evergreen scents, rough selenite, dumortierite, prehnite, black moonstone, labradorite, raw honey and real maple syrup, wildflowers (asters and dandelions are particular favourites but he's open to anything), acorns and pine cones scavenged from the ground, sprigs of holly, pine needles, clear spring water, sand from a beach, sea glass, cedar bark (from the ground, not peeled from a living tree)


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