Advanced Companion Servitor - Sebastian


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Rather than choose a matching theme for these wonderful creations, I decided to go with many different looks, (and fandoms), some of which will be familiar and comforting to their new keepers.  A familiar face can do wonders for trust.

But there are also some I chose simply based on pictures I felt inspired!


While each Advanced Companion Servitor has identical abilities, the way you interact with each one you bring into your home will be different. Basically what I'm trying to say is that if you find you want more than one of these amazing Servitors, you won't have duplicates!  Each one will grow and expand and become very different from each other!



Other Realm Connection - A heightened and deeper connection to realms aside from our own.  The longer you work with your Advanced Companion the deeper the connections will grow.  At the start your connections may be to realms very close to ours, but work, time and effort will expand the range and multiple your ability to connect many times over.


Astral Travel Guide & Protector -  No matter your level of Astral Travel, your Advanced Companion will be able to help you.  Either start from the bottom and learn the best ways for you to achieve Astral Travel, or continue your already started path to reach further and achieve more.  Your Advanced Companion offers a boost to your abilities as well as protection while you are in Astral.


Mystical Insight-  Your companion can offer you a more spiritual look at whatever you're facing day to day.  Seeing inside things, seeing the trials and tasks or even the joyful moments in a more spiritual light can help you understand what's actually going on, how things line up, what your next move should be, and give you more space and understanding so you can RELAX more, stress less, and just in general be more intune with the goings on in your life.  (Whew, that was a sentence and a half...)


Psychic Healing - Many of us experiences blockages in our psychic energy field.  This can happen due to stress, anxiety, the food we eat, the company we keep, the work we have to do...  Anything and everything can have a debilitating affect on our psychic energy and that in turns makes us less connected to our Servitor, Spirit and Entity companions.  With Psychic Healing your servitor can help keep things more clear, more refreshed, and help you feel that connection more strongly.


Energy Clearing-  Along with Psychic energy is our plain old Energy energy.  That can get gummed up and stopped up as well and can create everything from headaches and irritability to feeling over emotional, to feeling numb to the world.  Have your servitor keep your energy field cleansed and balanced to feel a little more with it, a little more relaxed and a lot more fresh mentally and physically.


Psychic Protection - While we know there are nasty people out there, often we just write them off as being toxic or just plain mean.  But these people, especially if you have to deal with them on a regular basis (co-workers, shop workers, even family members), can REALLY do a number on sapping your energy and your self esteem.  Using Psychic Protection you can be more protected from these effects!


Resource Gathering - Need more information?  Need a little push in the right direction when you need something in particular? Need something to be on sale soon?  While your Servitor can't guarantee things, they can certainly give you a boost whenever possible to try and make things work at the right time for you, making the right resources available to you to find what you need and get to where you want to be!


Animal & Plant/Tree Communication - Pretty self explanatory, I think!  Servitor will help and boost your ability to connect and communicate with animals, plants and trees.


Improved Spirit & Entity Connection and Communication - Also pretty self explanatory! Serivtor will give a boost to your and your spirit, entity and servitor family, making energy stronger, helping you be open to and recognize different forms of communication and greatly improving your ability to feel those with you.


Personal Guidance - Sometimes we just need someone to give us some advice!  To point us down the right path!  Or steer us away from something destructive.  This Servitor will help with all of that...


Wealth Attraction - While this does include financial wealth to some degree, this Servitor is about attracting ALL kinds of wealth and abundance.  Don't limit it to just finances, because there is wealth far more important than that.  (But yes, it can offer some help in the financial areas as well. ;) )


Personal Attraction - If you're looking for a boost to your appearance, sadly this isn't what it looks like.  This can, however, give a boost of clarity to your energy and aura, making the right people more attracted to you (not just the ones you want, sadly, they have to be the RIGHT people and if someone you want isn't right then they aren't right no matter how much you want it), help you be taken more seriously when you speak, have people remember the important things you say, and just general make you a little more noticed.


Third Eye Balance & Clarity -  Third Eye work can be wonderful, but too much too quickly can be downright terrifying to some people.  This Servitor will help you with Third Eye work naturally and at a pace that is right for YOU and YOU alone.  Open up more gradually and naturally to the world around you that you can't physically see or hear.


Emotional Support - Sometimes we just need a hug.  To feel like we're understood and that we're in company that truly 'gets' us.  Someone whos upports our emotions, no matter what they are, and really goes the extra mile to make us feel justified and appreciated.  This Servitor certainly offers that.


Deep Companionship - Kind of goes along with Emotional Support.  This servitor will be deep minded and the more time spent with them, the deeper their connection, link and companionship with you will be.  Find a true connection, an incredible REAL companion, and someone who will understand you from the very core of your being and energy.


Protective Shielding - Whether you need a super heavy duty buffer around you to block out everything but your own energy, or a permeable shielding and ward that filters things so only some stuff can get in, or a very light shield that just takes the edge off of things and keeps the nastiest nasties away, this Servitor has your back!


Personal & Psychic Cloaking - Not quite to the same degree as a Complex Personal Overlay, but these Servitors do offer their abilities to cloak and mask your psychic signature so that you do appear on first glance to have the same appearance as your servitor to those poking and prying into you and your life psychically.  Remote viewing by anyone who clearly has malicious intentions will be met with a nasty blow back of stagnant energy that will make them think twice about doing it again!



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