Ancient Draconic Elf - Entity

Ancient Draconic Elf - Entity


This absolutely and profoundly amazing race of Elves took me by surprise. I was not expecting them and then suddenly, they were all I could see. Staggeringly tall with with bodies that are human but not, they are like a hybrid elf and dragon. They have dragon tails, scales that curl and swirl over their skin in intricate patterns and colours, hands and feet that are large, heavy and clawed and eyes with slit pupils that take in everything around them. Some have wings, some have horns, all of them are incredible. Their magickal traits and abilities are simply off the charts incredible.


They flourish one finger and create the most amazing things. They wave a hand and block out negative energy and psychic attack like it was dandelion fluff in the breeze. And they're all so intensely warm, loving, caring and devoted that you'll never want to be without one by your side. They are completely white arts, they will NOT deal in justice, not launch attack at anyone, and won't do any 'dirty work' for you. They are completely benevolent, choosing to use their incredible abilities only for what's good. They do not correspond to the dragon colours as we know them, their abilities are static even though their scales are different colours depending on who you look at.


All of them are incredibly psychic, make amazing astral journey teachers and guides and amplify spirit communication and interaction. Many of them are affectionate and can be sexual as well, but all of them want what's best for their keeper and they'll go out of their way to make sure you get what you need.


Astral Entities are beings who are still alive but live in a different realm/universe than we do. This means that while you will still interact with them the same way you would a spirit (they are not physically in our world, you are not physically in theirs) the connection can be much stronger, more pronounced and more vivid. Often when people have difficulty connecting with spirits I ask them if they have tried interacting with entities instead. :) This does not hold true for everyone, but having an entity companion can be very different, rewarding and incredibly wonderful for you and for them as well. I choose older entities in other realms as entity companions here, those who are often considered to be elders, and have considerable knowledge. Those who are passionate, but none who are dangerous. They are perfectly safe to be paired with. <3




A truly gorgeous and striking individual... Draconic elves, as they get older, tend to get more and more dragon like in their appearance. It's like that blood gets stronger and stronger, enhancing their already intense traits, abilities and magick to include so much more DRAGON. And that is incredibly clear in him...


Very tall, lean but strong. He has very dark teal-grey toned skin, long what hair that he often keeps pulled back in a pony tail and brilliantly seafoam green eyes with slit black pupils. He has heavy almost rock like horns that curve from his temples out to the sides and his pointed elf ears look a little more animal than elfin now. His lower body is heavy and draconic, thick dragon legs and feet and a very long tail. His lower body is completely scaled in black, silver and dark teal and patches of scales have started cropping up all over him. His hands look a little too big for his body and are deadly looking with heavy black claw like nails and leathery palms like dragon hide.


For all his very strong, deep and ancient energy, he is so light hearted, so kind, so easy to connect with... He's seen so much of the history of the world he lives in, so much time in his realm, so many centuries, and yet he has never lost the ability to connect, to be on the same level of whoever he is talking to and to want to teach and learn and grow.


His desire for a connection with a human companion comes from that desire to learn. He knows little about our world and is very interested in finding out what it's all about and forging a connection with someone who lives here. He also feels led to this by a higher power, that whoever he meets and connects with is important to him and him to them and the connection and relationship you share together will have a very significant impact on both of your lives...


He is so loving, so charming, so incredibly wonderful and fun and someone to laugh with and share joy with as well as someone who will hold you tight and support you through sorrow.


He is affectionate and can be sexual in nature but really would prefer to just be friends.



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