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These incredible elves are grey arts. They walk a neutral line between light and dark, balancing both equally within them. This is how they see everything, in balance and in harmony. They can bring grounding, centering and calming energy to anyone who needs it, offering their perfectly weighed take on any situation, any person and any other energy you may be having problems with. They have a logical way of thinking that may at first make them appear incredibly cold and devoid of emotion, but when bonded with you'll see how deep and how warm their feelings for you actually are. Their spiritual side is deep and incredibly multi faceted. This allows them to offer their grounding and centering energy without ever pulling you away from the magick of life itself. They are life long companions to have as their way of life and can be beneficial in innumerable circumstances. They are protective, keen to make sure that you're safe, secure and well cared for. They are affectionate, loyal and very deeply loving towards their keeper and their calculating and balanced way of seeing every side of a situation should never be mistaken for lack of feeling. They can be quite intense in personal relationships with their keeper. They are all similar in appearance to high elves with pale colouring, tall height, but they are more solidly built with their ethereal looks. These elves are absolutely incredible and would be beneficial to anyone who feels they need help with perspective, with finding their center in chaos, who needs a hand in grounding- but without pulling your head from the clouds.




Tall, lean and stunningly gorgeous... He has incredibly pale skin, long thick white hair that's so shiny it really sparkles in sunshine and pale grey eyes that have a hint of sky blue in their depths... They're really quite magnetic, easy to get drawn into, and very very recognizable... So when he visits in dreams or in meditative vision, you'll always be able to tell him by his gorgeous eyes. Balanced with a cool, easy and very embracing energy. He smooths things out, offers a rational and logical way of looking at the world, and seems to have endless 'inside' information that will keep you a few steps ahead of everyone around you. He is forward, easy to connect with and very creative with both communications and manifestations. He is definitely a life long comapnion, someone who you may not need every moment of the day, but who will be there when you need him. He feels his keeper does have need of him right now, (maybe they're in for a stressful time with the holidays coming..) and he is eager to jump in and do everything he can for you. He is affectionate and can be sexual but does not require that sort of relationship if you'd rather just be friends.



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