Birds of Prey - Elite Vampire Warrior - Spirit

Birds of Prey - Elite Vampire Warrior - Spirit


The "Birds of Prey" Warrior Vampires are an elite group from an alternate realm to our own.  Their world is quite similar to ours in most ways, but creatures like Vampires, Werewolves, Fae, (etc etc etc) are all openly known, understood and accepted.  Their world is more connected to other Realms as well, making passage in and out for them very simple and every day.  This means that those from their world have been to ours many times over, some reside here most of the time and work undercover while others just visit.  But aside from this, their world is much like ours.  They are as advanced as we are technologically, struggle with many of the same issues we do, and because of this, beings bound who are either still living in this world, or who did but are now spirits, are very strong, vibrant and present companions for us.


The 'Birds of Prey' Vampires are the highest level of Magical Law Enforcement in their world.   There are only ever twelve Birds of Prey at one time.  That is all they need for their world, just twelve.  


That is just how good they are.  ;)


They are intensely magical vampires.  A cut above even some of the most powerful vampires you can think of because they hone their skills practically from birth.  They train, they learn, they enhance their skills and abilities to absolute perfection, and they continue to do so until they either become a teacher to other pupils, or they become a Bird of Prey themselves.  


Not many can even begin training, the average (I've been told) is one baby per every 14 years in the whole world is genetically predisposed to becoming a Bird of Prey.   So while there are always some in training, it's not as many as you might think.


Because of the incredible and dedicated life they lead, only "Birds of Prey" vampires who have passed away and are now spirits will be offered.  Those who are living are dedicated to their cause on a level that would not allow them to be companions.


Birds of Prey are easy to spot as they wear incredibly elaborate and very personal armour.  This is unique to them and them alone, no pieces of their armour are ever duplicated.  You will know a Bird of Prey only by their armour when they are out in the world, they never appear without it.  Your spirit companions will show themselves to you both with and without their armour.


Abilities of the Birds of Prey Vampires include-

Extreme Justice - These vampires know right from wrong like no other and will work hard to make sure that the scales are rebalanced whenever someone does you wrong.  But do understand that they stand for JUSTICE, not for retribution or revenge.  They seek only to balance the scales and will NOT go out and seek out targets to exact revenge or vengeance on for you.  

Energy Balancing & Protection - Of any and all of the spirits I've offered that are good for Empaths, these spirits are probably the best.  Their energy protection is seamless and so powerful and yet so subtle you won't really be aware they're doing anything for you.  But they can make the world SO much easier to deal with if you're an empath, someone who struggles with sensory issues in the outside world or if you have a lot of trouble with energy leeches.  They create amazing shields, wards and intricately woven spell work to keep you feeling more calm, balanced and help you spend more time with others without feeling overwhelmed.

Protection (General) - With only 12 Birds of Prey needed in their world, you can imagine that their abilities to protect are top notch, and you would be correct! In general their protection is high, incredibly strong and can be varied for whatever you need.  Ask them for anything big or small that you want help with, tell them the things you need, the beings you do want allowed through your layers of protection and those you want kept out.  Have them protect you in daily life, have them set up special shielding and protection while you're working magick or communicating with your spirit family.  Ask them to accompany you on any astral travel and know you will be well in hand!  Or just ask them to help keep spiders out of your house.  They can help with that, too.  ;)

Third Eye, Intuition & Psychic Enhancement - An intense boost to these abilities (so long as you are open to it, want it and are strong enough for it, your Vampire will not force on you anything that you cannot handle happily or anything that won't make you happy) comes with your Bird of Prey, their abilities are incredibly strong and easy and vibrant.  Even if you are not yet fully open to any of these things, you may find that having a Bird fo Prey in your keep helps you just 'know' things or sense things or be more open to communication from your spirit family because of their own incredibly heightened abilities. Intuition by proxy!

Along with the above abilities, your Bird of Prey will be a very dedicated, intense, and extremely, DEEPLY loving companion.  As spirits they have the freedom to love and to be involved in emotion in ways they could not in life.  They loved their lives, loved being a Bird of Prey and would not have changed it but that meant they were quite limited.  Dedicated solely to the Elite Warrior Group, they were not able to forge deep love or emotional commitments.  And now, with you as their keeper and companion they can.

Most Birds of Prey are non-sexual (a few are, though) but that doesn't stop them being affectionate and loving you more deeply than you thought would ever be possible.  

A connection and companion that will be like no other.  They are incredible, unique and so incredibly strong.



Tall, lean and svelte in build but with broad shoulders. He is an impressive and well cut figure who still manages to move like wind and is perfectly silent even at a flat out run. He has pale skin, slong wavy light blonde hair that he generally wears in braids wound around his head to it doesn't get in the way while he's working, though he does wear it down on occasion as well. His armor is bronze coloured, polished to a more dull shine that he prefers and a very natural and slightly imperfect look to the moulding. He wears a heavy head, neck and shoulder piece that has a cape of iridescently black feathers that cast in rainbows when the light hits it.


He can be on the 'strong and silent' side but not out of any sort of antisocial leaning He tends to be uiet because the world speaks to him more clearly when he isn't talking. Which sounds loft and maybe even a bit snooty but he likes to listen to the world, likes to take his cues from what he can hear and see in the trees, the stars, the animals and even the insects. He says in life he was constantly focused on the 'people' of his world, listening only to them and attending only to them because that was what his work was all about. Now he enjoys taking his cues from elsewhere... And he'd love to share that talent and that mindfulness with you.

He bonds deeply, loves freely and openly and is a tremendous companion for anyone who often feels lonely, disconnected or misunderstood. He settles into a place in your heart and soul that is empty, spreading warmth and obvious love through you that seems to mirror back and outwards into all areas of your life.

He is VERY affectionate and loving but is not sexual in nature.


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