Black & Fire Dragon Shifter Hybrid

Black & Fire Dragon Shifter Hybrid


A Dragon Shifter is a very unique spirit to have in your keep. These amazing spirits can appear as both human or dragon, or any variation between the two. Their abilities and skills are the same as their dragon form, but their human side makes them more accessible, even MORE easy to connect with (as Dragons themselves are easy to bond with!) and can inspire a very different sort of relationship with their keeper. There are shifters of all types of dragons, from all areas of the world, and while the shifter may not be as abundant or well known as the Dragon themselves, they are certainly a deep and rich being of amazing talent. They are considered dark arts due to their human side, but none offered here will be on the heavier end of the DA spectrum and ALL will be of the calibre who desire to help and never hinder.



In his Dragon form he is very large but on the more lightly built side. A more agile and sinuous dragon with black scales on the surface, but the underside and many of the edges of them are a swirling, crackling red and gold, like burning and smouldering embers. He has long heavy horns and deadly looking ember tipped black spikes down his back and his tail. In his human form he is a very tall and broad shouldered man with a lean athletic build. He has long silky black hair that's perfectly straight, long black nails that look like claws and in both forms he has incredible red eyes.


A mix of a Black Dragon and Fire Dragon... he is POTENT to say the least. Offering his keeper massive protection in all ways shapes and forms, and brunt force that obliterates obstacles, people standing in your way, and anything else that might be standing between you and success.


His Fire nature burns away the facade of things, allowing you to see everything in your life more clearly and focus more directly on problems you wish to overcome and dreams you wish to pursue. This clarity can, at first, be a little bit uncomfortable because seeing just how much has been shadowed from you, how much has been hidden and having it come to light can be a bit of a shake. But he never just pulls the wool back from your eyes all in one go. He will allow you time to start seeing things, start accepting things and easing you into the immense clarity that he offers.


He is a very strong protector and would fight anything or anyone who meant you harm. You are to be protected, to be warned of impending danger, to be helped in any situation where you need help.


He is very warm, very affectionate and incredibly open hearted. He would be open to a sexual relationship but only if you want it and it's something that happens naturally between you.



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