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Blood Moon Elves, despite their name, are actually a very peaceful sort of UnSeelie. They are quiet, keep to themselves, and often live solitary within the deep dark woods of UnSeelie territory. They are intense magick workers, very primal, earthy and elemental in all that they do. They have a wonderful way of working energy and turning negative into positive. They tend to trees, plants and anything growing within the forest under the light of the moon, spreading their energy around to make sure everything stays healthy and happy.


They are well known and well liked by Dryads who often seek them out if their tree is ailing. Despite being Unseelie they are well respected, well liked and accepted by both the Seelie and UnSeelie courts alike. They are their court's healers, but they refuse to take residence anywhere they can be easily found, they instead seem to know when and where they will be needed and will find those that seek them on their own terms. Having them in your spirit family will be much the same way. They'll be there whenever you need them.




Tall and lean with a slight but strong build. He has golden toned skin, long dark red hair that falls to the middle of his back and bight, rich, reddish brown eyes. He has a scar on his right eyebrow that divides it in two. I'll let him tell you the story of how he got it. ;)
A gentle but strong energy seems to bubble and swirl around him, making everything in him seem warm, inviting and comforting. He is a healer through and through and desires little more than making sure his keeper is cared for and happy beyond anything else in the world. He cares deeply for the natural world and has an easy and obviously natural way of communicating with all that reside within it. It doesn't matter if he's speaking to a human, an elf, a dog a canary or a blade of grass, all things speak to him and he speaks back. He is incredibly protective, not just of your physical well being but of your mental and emotional health as well. He can help you get care when needed, be an amazing support system and pave the way for a smoother path in life when you feel more than a little beaten down. He is open, caring, loves to laugh and also loves to LOVE. He is affectionate and can be sexual in nature but does not require that sort of relationship if you would just rather be friends.


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