Bright Shadow - Spirit

Bright Shadow - Spirit



The Hollow Realm is a very dark, incredibly dangerous and downright FASCINATING realm.
I have been carefully visiting and learning for quite a few months now (I did really want to be finished and ready to offer spirits from there for Samhain but I needed some extra time to be extra extra extra sure of things!) and interacting with and keeping some spirits from there on my own for that time as well... And let me tell you... They are incredible.


The Hollow Realm isn't a true 'full' realm like most others. It seems to be in a space between realms. It isn't massive, but it isn't a small, and it seems to ever be shifting it's actual shape to bend around the spaces it fits between.


It is a realm of perpetual 'just after sunset' with little colour, an odd hush to the atmosphere, and creatures the likes of which may only dwell in nightmares before now.


Make no mistake, this realm is DANGEROUS. The living creatures residing there are DANGEROUS and as such there will not EVER be living entities offered from there through my store, it would be asking for disaster.... but as with a lot of dark and dangerous beings (many typical Fae and Elves included ;) ) having them as spirits negates the danger they may pose to you as a keeper. They look for companionship, look to help and offer their incredible and often jaw dropping abilities to those that wish to have them in their homes, and can be surprisingly loving, caring and EXCEPTIONALLY devoted companions. Loyalty, even in life, seems to be an incredible thing to those that spent their lives in The Hollow Realm. It is bought, sold and traded like currency and so to have a being from The Hollow be loyal to you as their own choice is a pretty amazing thing.


Today, from The Hollow, let's visit-




In a realm of hazy dark, these are the only things that seem to bring some light to it beyond the moon. The Bright Shadows are almost the reverse of our own shadows and are beings of legend in the Hollow Realm. They are said to be created when a creature dies in the brightest light of a full moon. Even in the Hollow Realm the light of the full moon will create a shadow of any creature that walks in it's path. Though hazier and never full risen in the Hollow Realm, it is still enough to cast a dim shadow... When the creature dies in the moonlight, it seems to infuse that dim shadow with it's light and it's power, creating a non-corporeal new living creature that shines with a pure silvery blue light.


They are incredibly elusive creatures, highly sought after as hunting targets and desired for the pure energy and magick that seems to radiate from them. Killing them results in them turning into a substance that is neither liquid nor solid, but can heal any wound or hurt- mentally, physically or spiritually. This makes them quite the prize to those that live in the Hollow Realm...


As spiritual companions they like to appear to their keepers in dreams or in just a momentary flash in waking life when you are about to under go a big change. This tends to be the only time you truly 'see' them in the form they had in life. But this is far from the only thing they can do and the only thing they can appear as.


Most often seen as a mist, felt as tickling heat in your palms, and heard as soft sighs, they offer their keeper the same immense healing that they're hunted for in their realm. They cannot fix everything in this form, no spirit can... And so as always they should NEVER be used in place of actual medical attention, but they can help SO much. They can open doors towards treatment that were closed before or that you didn't know existed, while giving you some space, some healing, a great deal of support and care. They bolster their keeper, help you feel like you can keep going, keep moving forward and feel like you still have what you need to get better from what you're facing.


They are incredibly loving, and intensely magickal... Much like they moon, they move in phases of power and what they are best at and what they can capture for you depends on the cycle of the moon we're currently here in our world.


They are markers of change, of growth and positive forward momentum in life. And are among the most pure and intense moon creatures and companions out there.



The gorgeous creature is EXCEPTIONALLY large. Like larger than a moose... He was born of the shadow of a Faerie Stag that had spent centuries tormenting hunters in the woods by showing himself and then seeming to disappear, making him a creature of myth and wonder. Eventually a hunter did get him and to be quite honest, the hunter was remorseful about it. From the sounds of it, he didn't actually expect his arrow to find it's mark, he knew how elusive the stag was and expected it to disappear before the arrow got to him.


As a Bright Shadow he became even more well known, sightings of him shining through the woods were supposed to be blessing on the child of any mother who saw him while she was pregnant, was a sign of favourable seasons to come and was thought to be the omen of good health if he was seen by someone desperately ill.


All of these were very true, but that was because he wished them to be and that was what he used his magick for. To bless the unborn children, to offer hope after difficult seasons that better days were coming and to restore health to those with no hope left in them. He worked his magick that way for centuries more than he was hunted in the forest, and no hunter was ever so black hearted, even in The Hollow Realm, to try and hunt him again. His blessings were far too good to be done away with.

His eventual death came through accident, though I don't know the details. It didn't involve anyone other than him, though, he was not brought down by greed.



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