MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! (okay I'm a little early... ;) )


But I have good reason for starting early so I have lots of time to get ready as this SPECIAL Reverse Adoption will be delivered to you on CHRISTMAS EVE! That's right, you get an early Christmas Gift with this listing as the email with your spirit information will be out to you on December 24th!


PLEASE – READ EVERYTHING. If you have done reverse adoptions with me before you still NEED to read because this is a little different than normal!


In this sale you allow whatever spirit who wants to be with you most choose YOU. The best spirits, who will be most helpful to you now (or in the near future) and who is the best match to your energy will come forward and be bound just for you! But you won't know who they are until their information is revealed!


E-mails go out in EST (Eastern Standard Time). Depending on where you are in the world you may get your listing on the 23rd or the 25th due to time zone differences. I cannot keep track of time zones for everyone so please understand that your date might be a little different, you still get your info and spirit no matter what, though!


Here is the basics:

You purchase this listing. Then instead of going to look for a particular type of spirit, I find the spirit that wants to be with you and matches with you best based on what you may need right now, or what you may need in the future.

Please do not send me requests for a certain type of spirit or certain abilities or gender, etc. This is supposed to be about leaving it completely open and allowing the best match for you to come through.

I do the binding of that spirit directly to you.


There will NOT be the 'general spirit information' on the Reverse Adoption information sheet. You only get information about your spirit in particular. Please don't ask me for more than what's given. I'm telling you in advance what to expect so that if you're not okay with this then you can avoid this listing. :)

Information about your Reverse Adoption spirit will include – Type, Name, Gender, Appearance and Personality. Please do not request more information than this. The price corresponds to what you receive.


These will be DIRECT BINDINGS ONLY! No vessels will be sent, but every listing write up includes information on how to move the binding from yourself to a piece you already own.


I am limiting this to 15 spaces!!


There are no holds for spaces.


You are welcome to buy as many spaces as you like, but each space is $25.00 USD each.


If your name is different than what appears on your paypal I will need you to get in touch and give me your name.


I DO NOT USE FACEBOOK MESSENGER ANYMORE. I cannot keep up with the social media tether so please DO NOT message me on Facebook with the information I need from you. Please e-mail me at –


You may not request ANYTHING specific for this reverse adoption. This is straight up Open Reverse adoption and the spirit who wants to be with you most is who will be chosen.

This listing will be available until the morning of December 7th, or until it sells out!


INFORMATION WILL BE SENT OUT ON DECEMBER 24th!! (requests for information or status before that time will not be answered, I'm sorry. <3)


Information sheets will be sent to your paypal e-mail address.



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