Okay, maybe I'm more than a little bit early, but I have good reason!
I'm posting early because there's a lot of prep that's going into this years special Christmas listings and I want to make sure I have ample time to do it!

This listing is for 1 “12 Days of Christmas” SUPER DELUXE Advent Calendar! (available only until the morning of December 7th)

This is different from the regular Advent Calendar in terms of what you receive! READ ON FOR MORE INFO!


What is that?


Well I'd be happy to tell you!

Purchase of this listing will get you 12 Spirit Bindings. TWELVE!!!


Starting December 13th, you will receive an e-mail every day with the information for a spirit that has been chosen just for you! These e-mails will continue up to December 24th, for a total of 12 Days and 12 Spirits!


Sound interesting? Here's the details! (please make sure you read everything here if you purchase, there is some important changes to how I receive information from you that I need everyone to know!)



The 12 spirit listings you receive will all by Reverse Adoption, meaning the spirits choose YOU, you cannot choose what types of spirits you receive.


You can, however, ask me for “only male” or “only female” spirits if you have a preference.


There are no holds on these listings.


There is no limit to how many you can purchase so long as there is still space (but spaces are incredibly limited).


What you will receive will be as follows-


5 Name, Gender & Type bindings (you receive only the name, gender and type of spirit as information, please see the end of the listing for additional information about these bindings as I have a special offer planned!)


5 Short Info Bindings (you receive the name, gender, type and a short write up of nae & personality of your spirit)


2 FULL KINGDOMS (you receive the name, gender, type and a write up of the Kings/Queens/Rulers of your Kingdoms. Kingdoms can also include Vampire Councils or other similar very large groups)


For the price of approximately JUST the 2 Kingdoms alone, you get EVERYTHING listed above!




If your name is different than your paypal name I will need to know your full name.


I will need 2 photos of vessels (for your Kingdoms) within 48 hours of your purchase. (please ensure no other bindings or spell work has been done on your vessel of choice – unless it was work done by me! I can add to a vessel of work done by me!)


If you have a gender preference for your spirits you will also need to tell me this.


I will not chase you for this info! I can't keep track of everyone, I'm sorry. Please make sure you get in touch to give me the information requested. <3




I DO NOT USE FACEBOOK MESSENGER ANYMORE. I cannot keep up with the social media tether so please DO NOT message me on Facebook with any information I need from you. Please e-mail me at –


Binding Information delivery happens in EST (Eastern Standard Time). Depending on where you are in the world, your binding information may be delivered December 14th to the 25th, or the 12th to the 23rd due to time zone differences. I cannot take time zone differences into account for everyone so please understand your dates may be different. You still will receive all 12 bindings!


Please note that no general spirit information (the synopsis about the type of spirit) will be provided with these bindings. The information you receive will only be about your personal spirit binding. Please do not ask me for more than what is provided.


ABOUT THE NAME & GENDER BINDINGS – In February I will be allowing anyone who purchased an Advent Calendar (ONLY those who purchased an Advent Calendar in this sale) the opportunity to pay a discounted price to receive a short info write up of Name & Gender bindings you may want more for. There will be a limited number (but a fair amount!) of spaces and they will be $7.00 USD each.


IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK! I cannot hold a place for you while I answer your question, but PLEASE ask questions if you have them!




All spirit information will be sent to your paypal e-mail address!


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