Complex Personal Overlay With Servitor


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APPEARANCE – The appearance of this personal overlay is that of the image in this listing. Each one is unique and tailored to match the image appearance.
Please save the image (or screencap it) for your personal records!


This Servitor is not a typical servitor, this is an Overlay for YOU that alters your psychic signature and energetic appearance, adding protection and aid during your day to day life. Those seeking you by energy alone will have a hard time finding you, and your appearance will be completely altered to them as well, adding confusion to the mix and making it really hard to mess with you. Those around you in day to day life may not see you as the Overlay, but they may sense the shift in your energy, and may at times do a double take as they catch a glimpse of the overlay appearance. Exciting!

It should be bound to a vessel which you can carry with you. It will not work without the vessel present, so please keep that in mind! This overlay should be bound to it's own vessel, not layered with others as you will need it to turn on and off as desired with these instructions-

To turn the overlay on simply touch the vessel and say “Personal overlay ON.” to turn it off touch the vessel again and say “Personal overlay OFF.”

You may have as many Personal Overlays (who wouldn't like to change their appearance depending on the day ;) ), but each should have their own vessel to turn on and off as desired. Overlays are NOT bound by gender, meaning whatever appearance of Overlay you find appealing you CAN have!

Each personal overlay is given a unique title you can refer to it by and use for the invocation process.

COMPLEX PERSONAL OVERLAYS- Come with a Servitor that identically matches the Personal Overlay itself. They have abilities (listed below) as well as have been given some base personality traits! They can, of course, expand and grow their personalities and strengthen their abilities as you work with them and interact with them but each have some basic characteristics. (Most basic traits will be static among Personal Overlay Servitors, meaning all will have the same), but occasionally they may have some that are different.
All Personal Overlay Servitors also have the ability “Mirror Image” which you can request them to use (or not use) as you see fit. This will enable the Servitor to mirror your movements, speech, attitude and whatever else you're doing, creating a double and identical image which is an amazing protection, buffer and shield to the world around you.

Please use the name of the OVERLAY for binding (you cannot bind the servitor and the Overlay separately) purposes. I have given the Servitors names, but you are free to change them as they hold no bearing on the binding or invocation process. (Some people just prefer a name given by me, but by all means change it if you want to!)

Abilities of this overlay include:

High Level Discernment (Overlay can read your emotions and thoughts and understand what you may need at any given time to use some of the abilities below, thus you will not need to ask much of it as it will know what is needed at most times of life)

Cloaking (Using “High Level Discernment” Overlay will judge when you need to blend into the back ground and not be as noticeable.)

Stand Out (Using “High Level Discernment” Overlay will judge when you need to be seen, to be paid attention to, be listened to and be focused on more fully by those around you.)

Shielding & Protection (Empathic Shielding, Elemental Shielding, Warding.. This Overlay has protection to suit whatever it is you need.)

Practical Invisibility (A higher level of 'blending in' than simply cloaking, this ability makes it near impossible for anyone or any spirit or entity to find your psychic signature (this does not apply to spirits and entities in your keep, they will always know how to find you and will not be affected by this ability)

Charm Divine (Want people to really listen to you? To take you more seriously? To not just gloss over what you have to say? This one is for you.)

Positive Attraction (Overlay will do it's best to find the best outcome of any situation for you in regards to your long term happiness. BE WARNED – This does not stop bad things from happening, bad things have to happen in life, and you may think that some situations this overlay leads to are not favourable, but as it's looking out for your best case LONG TERM happiness, it may take time to understand why something happened the way it did!)

Leech Removal (Sick and tired of others stealing your energy, your ideas, your good mood or good fortune? Watch them back off a little at a time and stop using you and leaning on your so heavily. Natural 'leech' removal was never so easy!)

Call White Arts Spirits (If you need some serious back up, this Overlay can call forward Angels, Unicorns or Star Fae to help you out! Note- “serious back up” can include just wanting some company. ;) You are also able to choose what types of spirits are called forward. This ability can only be used Manually.

The Spy (Overlay can help align you to the right circumstances to be one step ahead of others, be it a good time to walk to the cash register in the store, to inside information on big deals.)



Calming & Settling & Grounding (Servitor can help you feel calmer, more balanced, soothed, relaxed and can aid in grounding.)

Night Time Relief – (Servitor can aid in a better sleep, less nightmares or troubling dreams and help you feel refreshed the next day)

Companion – (Servitor will have a high level of empathy, ability to tell what their keeper needs, and offer solace, joy and sadness to a higher level than most)

Mirror Image – (Explained above)

Overlay Servitor is also given the following basic personality traits – Friendly, Honesty, Genuine Humor, Kindness, Generosity, Loyalty & Compassion


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