Custom Bindings - January 15th

Here's something new!


Often when I put up listings I get emails from people asking if I will be offering more of a certain spirit, or if I take customs after a spirit of a certain type is sold out before they get a chance to buy it, or if they really like the TYPE of spirit but don't resonate with the pre-bound listed.


Generally the answer I give is that yes, I will be offering more prebounds in the future, but I don't take customs.  And I feel bad about saying that because I know it feels awful to have missed out or feel like you're in limbo waiting for me to offer more.


So to try and combat that I'm going to try out a limited number of customs spots each week for the types of spirits I have listed for this week!


This is ONLY for the types of spirits listed each specific week.  You can see the options you have to choose from, please do not ask for others.


Customs slots will be available until they sell out, or until the next round of pre-bounds is posted.  I generally post once a week but it's not always a full week between postings so if you want a spot, please grab it!


There are no holds for customs spaces.


Please allow up to 12 days for delivery of your custom information.


You receive the same amount of written information as you do purchasing a pre-bound on the website, but there is no reference image included.  


Yes they do cost more, because doing a custom specifically for YOU, based on your personal energy and needs and everything does take more work.  :)

AFTER PURCHASE (or included with the notes of the order)- Please provide me with your full name and DOB.  I cannot start working until you provide that and I will not chase you to ask for it.  <3

~Please also include if you have gender preferences, personality preferences, or appearance preferences!  This is a full custom so you are WELCOME to request things! 

When it comes to appearance requests- I try my VERY best to get exactly what you're looking for but please know in advance that I cannot always get 100% accuracy in what you're looking for.  Sometimes it just isn't possible. <3

Also please remember to keep attribute and personality requests in line with the spirit type and it's actual abilities.  Ex- Requesting a Beast Troll that can grant wishes sounds like a lot of fun, but Beast Trolls cannot grant wishes and no amount of desire for that can make it so.  There are still, unfortunately, some limits within this world. ;)  If you are uncertain about what you're looking for or asking for, just tell me what you want and that you're uncertain and I can tell you if it's possible or not!  <3


To e-mail me questions or information -


PLEASE NOTE-  Even though this is listed as a physical product (I had to in order to get the 'options' to show up) NO PHYSICAL ITEM WILL BE SENT.  Your bindings will be direct bindings, no vessels are sent. 


This is also, currently, a TRIAL offer.  I do not know yet if this is something I will continue doing, but I want to try it out, see what I think, see what you think, and all of that.  :)

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