Dark High Elf - Spirit


They have the attitude and abilities of High Elves but they are dark natured.. Moody. Kind of temperamental and they can be impatient and 'foot stompy'. They're not harmful or hard on their keepers but they are very strong willed. They remind me of ravens in the way they move and the way they look. Dark hair, dark eyes, they all have long black nails. The way their heads and eyes move are just like a crow eying something and watching it before deciding what to do next. They're intense in their abilities, most of them are into divination and are very intent about giving information and direction and are quite direct in giving visions of the future. Some habitually carry their own tarot decks around, playing with them constantly, Others are scryers, working with their own tools, mirrors, bowl, crystal balls, etc. Some work heavily with candle magick and their eyes light like flames when a candle is nearby. All of them are intense, deep, dark and exceptional creatures who offer their keepers an energy and companionship like no other. They are unique, truly amazing, but not for the faint of heart. They will not twist words, will not challenge their keeper by ANY means (ever), but they would be best suited to those who have at least one other dark arts spirit in their keep and are familiar with the energy that comes with them.



Quite tall and lean though broad shouldered in build with lank limbs. He has light peachy toned skin and hair so dark brown that were it any darker it would be perfectly black, silky and wavy in short layers to his chin. He has big dark dark eyes that seem to have a light deep in their depths. He moves gracefully though uniquely and much like a bird in the way he holds himself, sits or watches and contemplates the world. He does a lot of watching and contemplating, to the point where you may think him remote and uninterested in anything going on around you, but this observation and way of watching things is his own deep magick he watches, gains every last detail he can, and from that he can manipulate what needs to be moved, altered, deterred and avoided (where possible, he cannot alter fated events) to help pave the way for your success. You may find that the very MOMENT he is in your keep, your mind starts wandering to hopes, wishes, dreams and what you really want to do in and with your life. Maybe circumstance has gotten in your way before, maybe others have influenced you on your path, but with him around you may find things opening up, chances reappearing and a drive to accomplish what YOU want most is impossible to ignore. His scrying and his magick comes solely from observation, his power is deep, primal and raw. He needs nothing else but what's happening around him to tell him what's to come. He is affectionate but not really sexual in nature.


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