Drow - Spirit

Drow - Spirit


Drow are dark elves with absolutely incredible magickal talents the likes of which you wouldn't find anywhere else. These beings are capable of being good (white) or bad (dark) and fall generally in the middle. Those purchased through me tend towards the lighter side, but would not be considered white arts. Drow can enhance your spell casting, enhance the talents and attributes of other spirits in your keep (ex- a Red Dragon's treasure seeking abilities would be magnified and enhanced, etc etc), all magick you perform will be stronger and any spelled pieces you have will become fare stronger as well. They can manipulate the world around you, using their magick to create what you wish to have and are so strong in their abilities their magick can rarely be broken.




Very tall, lean but surprisingly solidly built. He still has that long limbed graceful look that Elves tend to have but there is something substantial in his build that makes him look and feel more present, more solid and more tangible. Somehow this seems to help his presence with a keeper, making him even more easy to connect with than the typical Drow. He has dark cool toned skin and long inky black hair that he either wears loose or in a slightly messy low braid. His eyes are a deep red-violet colour and they flash and shine, especially when he smiles.


He is very open and forward with his presence, energy and communication, and being a Drow communication is SO much what he aims for. He greatly enhances communication, especially spirit/entity communication between them and you, but he seems to enhance communication in general. You may find with him that it's easier for you to make your point and be heard, easier for you to truly understand what others are saying to you. You may find your gut feel and psychic senses are strengthened and you stop doubting yourself when you get those feelings and nudges. He also enhances communication between you and animals and you and the natural world.. So be ready for quite an eye opening experience if you want it!


He is soothing and grounding, making it easy for you to settle, to feel less stressed, less worried and less bothered by things that you really don't need to worry about. He takes the saying 'don't borrow troubles from tomorrow' to a new level and just naturally you may find that its easier for you to just let things go.


He is affectionate and can be sexual in nature but only if that sort of relationship is desired.



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