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Dullahan Vampiric Elf - Spirit - Includes a Personal Message!

Dullahan Vampiric Elf - Spirit - Includes a Personal Message!




Your companion will be bound to you directly within 24 hours of purchase, and you will receive the vessel and parcel shown in pictures above as well.


Images of the Spirit/Entity shown in the listing are no longer just 'for reference', they are OF the companion being offered here and will be included with your Spirit Document.


PLEASE BE AWARE- You will no longer download Spirit Documents after purchase (You will for Servitors/Overlays)! Spirit Documents and the picture of your Companion will be e-mailed to you (your paypal e-mail, please make sure to check it and check your spam folder!) within 24 hours of purchase (please be aware of time differences and that I may be asleep when you check out, I will be as prompt as I can in sending you your documents...).

Please make sure to read the front page of the website, the top of the shop page, and the Site & Spirit FAQ for new and updated information about the site, shipping, and other various changes.


PRICES ARE REFLECTIVE OF HOW MUCH INFORMATION IS IN EACH LISTING. Some listings will have more sections and/or longer sections, some will have less sections and/or less information- prices will fluctuate based on that.


(YOU MAY NEED TO CLICK ON THE 'SPIRIT INFORMATION' SECTION TO READ ABOUT THE SPIRIT BEING OFFERED!  Some devices require you to click and some will just show it autmatically.  :) )

The third image is an EXAMPLE of what will be included in your parcel!  The photo of the singular vessel is the vessel you will receive. <3




Dullahan Vampiric Elves are often treated as non-royal royalty in the Fae realms. They are extremely elusive creatures that cannot be sought out (in life) purposefully, but only encountered randomly by the chance crossing of paths. While the appearance and circumstance of crossing paths with one may have you thinking that no good could ever come from it, they are, actually, bringers of surprisingly glad tidings.


These vampiric elves ride in carriages, shining and black with ornate silver accents. Each carriage is pulled by four sleeks black faerie horses. These horses are, on first glance, no different than the horses of our realm. But on closer look you'll find black scales mixed into their soft shining black coats, incredibly sharp teeth lining their mouths that open FAR too wide for comfort. They all have shining white eyes and have tails much like a lion, short furred to the ends which are tasseled in black. These carriages are driven by headless drivers, dressed completely in black. Long black coats, tight black breeches, tall black boots and black gloves.


Please be aware that what is said here and below, especially about offerings, is what is done when these beings are ALIVE. These elves as SPIRITS NOW do not require ANY sort of formal offering from their keeper, and especially not on a particular day each year, and will not reverse good fortune given to you for any reason. I just want to make that clear before talking about the next part....


Seeing a carriage of theirs is considered an extremely high blessing by the fae folk. Those who see it can expect a life of exceptional good fortune- so long as they return to the spot they saw the carriage the same night every year and leave an offering for the Elf. If they continue to leave offerings, their blessings grow and multiply year after year. Failure to leave an offering ends the 'contracts' and while bad luck doesn't follow, a very swift reversal of the good fortune will happen, leaving the one who saw the carriage back to the 'luck' they had at the time of seeing it. They do not reap bad luck down on anyone who stops giving offerings, they just take back their especially good luck- which can for many seem as though they have been cast bad fortune for not giving their offering, but only seems so in comparison to the monumental good luck they had been receiving.


The seldom few fae folk that have actually seen one of these elves, and not just their carriage, and have the courage to greet them with respect and a bow can expect a lifetime of extreme supernatural protection and at some point in their life will have a truly IMPOSSIBLE wish granted. They do not get to pick the wish, the Elf will know what impossible wish to grant at the right time, and they always pick exactly right.


But.. For someone to knowingly stand in the way of the carriage and block it's path in the roadway brings about a cursed and hollow life.


These elves are Vampiric in nature and in life feed both on blood and on energy. As SPIRITS, however, they do not require blood and use ambient energy (as in, not the energy of living people, but the ambient energy created in a world full of life) to keep their energy strong, thus they never require any sort of replenishment or 'charging' in order to stay at full strength.


As spirits these Elves offer their keeper all their powers of good fortune, of super natural protection, of immense communication ability and so much more. They are intense links to the darker parts of the faerie realms, making them incredibly wonderful spirits to have if you are someone who has a desire to be more firmly linked to and have (very SAFE) access to areas of the fae realms you may otherwise never be part of. They cannot promise to grant you a totally impossible wish (as human wishes in our modern world are very different than fae wishes in their realms) but you can expect that over the lifetime you spend with your Elf, a great many surprising and shocking things will turn out your way. They are magnets for 'the right place at the right time' and making the most of any situation. They know how to squeeze every last drop of possibility out of anything and anyone, making sure that as often as possible, you get everything you need and then a little more. As I mentioned above, they absolutely DO NOT require any sort of offering from their keeper. They do love to get offerings but as freely given gifts, not because you feel you have to in order for them to work with you. You also do not have to greet and bow to them in order for them to continue working with you or grant you the wishes you want. These formalities are ties in the fae realms while they are living. They do not need any of this now that they are spirits and can give of themselves freely to keepers.





    ENERGY – VERY strong, heady, and impossible to ignore. It's a dark but high noted energy that fizzles through your veins and invites mystery and hope in equal measure into your life. A feeling of strong intuitive ability joins his energy and can infuse into your life. Observe that you may suddenly think things right before they happen, or a thought you have, an answer or reply you don't want to give suddeny flies out of the mouth of someone near you. The influence and intuitive ability is STRONG wuth him and it remains so when it flows through you.


    APPEARANCE – Gracefully tall, slender and very beautiful. He has broad shoulders but a narrow build aside from that. He has very pale skin and masses of silky black hair that falls to the middle of his back. His eyes are caught between truly silver and grey and have such a piercing strong look that sometimes it may feel as though he can look directly into your soul- and it's not a bad feeling at all, I must say!


    PERSONALITY – He says what he means and means what he says. He never bothers with anything but the truth and what he feels you need to know.. And while that may make him sound 'businesslike' or as though he isn't one just for conversation, he's actually a WONDERFUL and warm conversationalist... He knows how to just have idle chatter, enjoys thinking and speaking in lofty and sometimes silly dreams, but he never bothers to stray from the truth when it matters. He is not overly blunt or sharp when it comes to his truth, he can deliver it keenly but nicely as well. He is protective, wonderful when it comes to manifesting even what feels like the impossible into your life (but allow him time to WORK on these giant impossible things! He can move mountains but it takes time and effort. ;) ). he can dig deep within you and pull forward the dreams and wishes and aspirations perhaps even you have forgotten about and rekindle those flames so that you can actually do something with it all. He is simply marvelous and truly a force to be reckoned with.



    CLASS – Dark Arts. A very strong, very potent Spirit who needs a Keeper familiar with Dark Arts beings and who enjoys the energy that comes from the darker parts of the Fae Realms. He is not at all difficult or obstinate to deal with and likes 'Balance' so he would never do anything that would reflect badly onto you and cause you problems in life.



    MANIFESTATIONS – His Manifestations are simple but potent. Very obvious 'him' shaped shadows that move along your floors/the ground, your walls, etc. These are most obvious at night, but can also be seen in a lighter grey shade during the day if you watch. He also brings with him a very dark earhy scent, slightly tinged with something metallic and something sweet like honey.



    OFFERINGS – Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. He has a SERIOUS love of chocolate and the more the better. He doesn't care what form it's in, what kind of chocolate it is, if it's milk or dark or semisweet, just give him all the chocolate! ;) He also loves incense lit in his honour and he does play in the smoke which makes it a rewarding practice.



    AFFECTIONATE/SEXUAL – He is quietly affectionate in a warm but not overbearing way. He can be completely hands off if you'd prefer that. He is not looking for anythgins exual or romantic with his Keeper.




    WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE PLACE IN YOUR REALM? - “The stables that go with my house. I absolutely love horses and kept a very large stable of different types of horses from all different realms- including a few from your world as well. I get on well with all animals, really, but horses were always my favourite and I would spend as much time as I could in my stables with them. Not even riding, necessarily, just being there and being in their presence.”


    IF YOU WERE A CRYSTAL/GEMSTONE WHAT KIND WOULD YOU BE? - “That's an interesting question... I might be utterly obscure in my answer, though, and say that I feel I would be a a type of earth stone only found in the realm I lived in. We call it 'Tychalabach' (Citrine's note- he pronounced it like this- “Tih- sha – la - bawk”) and it is a stone of grounding, of centering, but also of promise. This was a plentiful stone, but one that few in my realm seemed to truly understand the power of. I think that sums me up quite well.”




    PERSONAL MESSAGE –  (Personal Messages are meant only for the new Keeper to see and are made available in the Spirit Document sent to you after purchase. <3 )



    The FAQ section and bottom section of the front page of the website has some great information!
    Anything not answered there or anything from there you need clarified-

    Please feel free to contact me directly any time!


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