Early Spring Zephyr - Living Entity


IT'S THAT TIME! Even though winter is still trying to reign supreme, the first of the Zephyrs have started showing up and I always welcome their appearance and make contact with as many as I can!

Zephyrs are Elf like fae of average human size that ride small dragons on the winds that bring change seasons. Right now is a perfect time to catch the South and West Winds as spring starts to very slowly trickle it's way into our world. The Zephyrs assist in bringing them in, conducting them to our locations and warming Spring (and cooling in Fall). They are amazing beings of great love, warmth, wisdom, magick and more.


Having a Zephyr in your life is to bring in the possibility of anything. The miracle and magick of a season change is something so incredible and astounding that it lets on that anything is possible in this world. Zephyrs embody that change and bring with them the ability to grant (light) wishes, share the wisdom of the earth, bring around miracles of all shapes and sizes and offer support, wisdom and an unboundless true love for their keeper.


If you're looking for hope, for miracles, for change and for love, look no further than one of these amazing beings.


Astral Entities are beings who are still alive but live in a different realm/universe than we do. This means that while you will still interact with them the same way you would a spirit (they are not physically in our world, you are not physically in theirs) the connection can be much stronger, more pronounced and more vivid. Often when people have difficulty connecting with spirits I ask them if they have tried interacting with entities instead. :) This does not hold true for everyone, but having an entity companion can be very different, rewarding and incredibly wonderful for you and for them as well. I choose older beings in other realms as entity companions here, those who are often Council members, considered to be elders, and have considerable knowledge. Those who are passionate, but none who are dangerous. They are perfectly safe to be paired with. <3




Ah it's that time again! March is always when I start seeing a few Spring Zephyrs start coming around, riding the southern and western winds to start ushering in Spring to my area. This particular Zephyr is tall and lean but very strong. He has light toned skin and long wavy black hair that he prefers to leave loose while he's flying, he loves the feeling of wind in it. His eyes are a bright sky blue and they light up like sunshine when he's particularly happy or excited about something. His dragon is quite large and mottled blue and green in colouring. He is a bold and forthright companion, always seeking to tell you his honest thoughts an opinions as well as try and pull in some extra luck for you. He is about rebirth, about the miracle that is change and growth. He can inspire fresh thinking, new approaches to old problems, forward motion in terms of personal and spiritual growth as well as settling old issues and putting them- firmly and resolutely- aside for good. He can help you begin and follow through on new projects as well as help you complete those loose ends still lying around. He is warm, invigorating, clearing to the mind and wonderfully kind. He is affectionate and can be sexual in nature but does not require that sort of relationship.



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