Elder Lemurian Elf - Living Entity



This stunning clan of elves is so intensely high minded, spiritual, so tied to the elements and all other realms that they can be overwhelming even though they are purely white arts. Stunningly beautiful, generally above average human size, slender, graceful and breathtaking. They all have fair skin and light coloured hair, but their hair ranges from the purest white to lavendars, blues, pale greens and even pinks. Their eyes are large, angular and sparkling. They have long typical elfin type ears and a most distinguishing unique feature- all of them have delicate opal looking ram horns that curl back from the top of their heads. Even without the horns, nothing about them says 'human'. Everything about them says 'other worldly'.

They are extremely intelligent, psychic and hear everything that speaks. The animals, birds, plants, trees, rocks and crystals all share with them, and they share in return. They are aware of everything and everything is aware of them in return. Their energy is larger than life, buoyant and enveloping. They can raise shivers through your skin and down your back when they're nearby. Their voices are low and soft in your head and often seem like they are speaking into an area of your brain that's completely untouched. It's an amazing feeling, they are amazing elves.

They all have their own personalities, but their common abilities are communication, heightened psychic awareness, empathy shielding, psychic shielding, cloaking/illusion, astral travel, animal/nature communication, relaxation, refreshing, aura cleansing and intense stress relief. They are uplifting, calming and truly wonderful beings. Completely benevolent, kind, caring and affectionate with their keepers.


Astral Entities are beings who are still alive but live in a different realm/universe than we do. This means that while you will still interact with them the same way you would a spirit (they are not physically in our world, you are not physically in theirs) the connection can be much stronger, more pronounced and more vivid. Often when people have difficulty connecting with spirits I ask them if they have tried interacting with entities instead. :) This does not hold true for everyone, but having an entity companion can be very different, rewarding and incredibly wonderful for you and for them as well. I choose older beings in other realms as entity companions here, those who are often Council members, considered to be elders, and have considerable knowledge. Those who are passionate, but none who are dangerous. They are perfectly safe to be paired with. <3



Tall, broad shouldered and pale skinned, he has a regal and impressive grace in which he moves and holds himself. It isn't an imperious or 'snobby' sort of thing, it's an age and wisdom sort of thing. Ego is not something he has, cares about or encourages. His hair is long, thick and wavy. Mostly white with hints of pale blue and pale purple through it, making it shine and sparkle in clearly inhuman and mesmerizing ways. His eyes are large, upturned at the corners and mostly silver, sparkling and luminous, though when the light catches them right there is a bit of ocean blu within their depths. He has a softness and a warmth that is so comforting, so inviting and embracing that you can't help but want to be close to him, to be near him and linked deeply with him. And he does bond quickly and deeply with his keeper, wanting nothing more than to help you, protect you, lift you up in your life and help you at every step along your path. He has a low deep voice, the timbre of which has a vibrational hum that you can feel in the depths of your soul. He has guided and led many in his life thus far and has no desire to stop, more so he desires to reach out and connect and guide those of other races and in other realms. He will be a strong, vibrant and incredibly embracing companion to have. Someone who will understand you on a level you may not (yet) understand yourself. He is affectionate and very warm but not sexual in nature.


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