Elemental Sorceress (Fire Element) - Spirit



Tall and slim with a fairly straight build, she is incredibly striking in looks, which reflect just how old she was in life and how far she had come with her magic. She showed little signs of aging past her early thirties with pale youthful skin, long red hair and a penchant for dressing in many multi layered outfits that were often quite pale in colour, which set off the red of her hair even more startlingly. Her eyes were most often hazel though they did at times take on the lick of an amber coloured flame when she was in the middle of work. Her command of the Fire Element is absolutely amazing and she uses that ability in many ways. She can help burn through non-essential blockages in life, blast away the lies to allow you to see the truth in any person or situation, cast fiery wards and shields around your person or your home to protect you and illuminate the boundaries you have to have a more clear understanding of what needs to stretch and what needs to be reinforced. She encourages self love, an increase in self confidence and a warmth and healing energy that is absolutely incredible. He abilities are quick and can be quite heavy handed. Fire is not an element of subtlety or gentle realization. It is one of immediate action, one you take notice of immediately and one that can be quite destructive in the wrong hands. While her hands are definitely the right hands, there is still no middle ground with her work and what she can show you and aid you with. It is all or it is nothing, so please be prepared for fast and hard realizations, quick changes, and immediate reaction. She will NOT step into your life and start doing these things without notice, she will always wait for a prompt from you about what you want to do. But just by her nature, her energy and her ability, you may still find some smaller quick and stunning revelations and realizations with her in your keep, it cannot always be avoided. However the bigger things, unless they absolutely MUST be shown to you for personal safety or to keep you away from a massive mistake, she will not take on without you expressly asking her to work for you. She is affectionate in nature and can be sexual but absolutely does not require that sort of relationship if you would rather just be friends.



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