Faerie Forest Troll "Elder" - Living Entity



I know that when you hear the word “Troll” you immediately think of something not so great. Hulking, drooling, bad smelling and foul monsters that maybe you've been led to believe aren't very bright or live only to hurt things and smash things with clubs. (TROLL IN THE DUNGEON!)
Trolls, though, and a very varied and wide spread spectrum of beings. While not native to our realm, many have come here, many still live here and many take care of our natural world behind the scenes. They're just very well hidden, though I would bet anyone who has spent time in the woods, the in mountains or even in rolling hills has encountered a Troll, and just not realized it. ;)

The Trolls I'm offering here are living beings from the Fae Realms. They are Forest Trolls and some of the kindest giants you might ever meet. They can be literally millions and millions of years old in these realms, existing since the start of that world, well protected, well respected and very well loved.


The older a Faerie Forest Troll is, the more it “becomes” the Forest. They start out with very large but fairly “human” looking shapes. Though often over proportioned or with colourations we wouldn't find in our world, they have the basic shape we would recognize of two legs, two arms, shoulders, head, etc.

But as they get older and the many many years pass, they become one with the forests they live in, and the longer they live, the more the forest they are.


These massive gentle giants are so incredibly helpful. They're deeply spiritual creatures with a connection to plants, animals and the source of energy that creates us all that can be staggering and absolutely incredible. They have a soul deep NEED to protect those smaller and more fragile than they are. Trees, plants, animals, the fae and elves of their world and humans as well. They are far more familiar with humans than you might think... ;)

Their protection is both physical because of their size, but also earthy and magickal. Their connection to the Earth Element would stagger just about anyone. The natural world listens to them, helps them and aids them whenever needed, giving them access to shielding and warding magick that comes straight from the mountains, the trees and the essence of natural life itself. They can create personal shields that are hard and thick like stone, yet breathable and malleable to you so you don't feel claustrophobic. They can create energy shields made of magickal leaves and that filter out the bad energy and negativity on a daily basis. Flowers, massive petaled and sweet smelling, can make empathic shields to help you stay calm and not take on too much energy from those around you...
And those are just a few examples.


They are Guardians and Guides, they communicate with the living, the dead and the inbetween. They have the ability to influence our world from theirs, and can send very prominent and unique messages to you through other trolls that live in our world. These won't be “spoken” messages to you, but strong spiritual messages and communications that hold significant meaning. They aren't messages I can clearly describe because they'll be different for everyone. But they are profound and they are unmistakable.


They are kind, gentle and tender hearted. They always have a kind word, some encouragement, and some insight and wisdom into whatever you're facing. They meet you on your level emotionally, never seeming above you and always seeming to know exactly what you need and want in any situation. Guardians, friends and spiritual guides, they are really amazing.


Most can speak telepathically so long as you are able to do the same. Their voices can be hard to understand at first as they are as much made of the earth as the Trolls themselves are. Rumbling like rocks grinding together, or a cacophony of leaves blustering all together in the mind. But in time you will understand them better when they speak, but they also don't need words to communicate, so be open to all forms they can offer you.


These incredible beings offer so much, give so much and are truly remarkable. Don't miss out on connecting with one when you have the chance.



Astral Entities - Astral Entities are beings who are still alive but live in a different realm/universe than we do. This means that while you will still interact with them the same way you would a spirit (they are not physically in our world, you are not physically in theirs) the connection can be much stronger, more pronounced and more vivid. Often when people have difficulty connecting with spirits I ask them if they have tried interacting with entities instead. :) This does not hold true for everyone, but having an entity companion can be very different, rewarding and incredibly wonderful for you and for them as well. I choose older vampires in other realms as entity companions here, those who are often Council members, considered to be elders, and have considerable knowledge. Those who are passionate, but none who are dangerous. They are perfectly safe to be paired with. <3


Stunning is a good word to describe Faerie Forest Trolls in general, and this Elder is no exception to that rule. MASSIVELY tall, taller than most trees you could find when he stands to his full height, he seems comprised entirely of trees, roots and plants that curl and weave together to make up his body, limbs and head. His face is wizened and looks to be made of bark, but his eyes remain bright, leafy green and full of expression, warmth and an obvious humour shimmering in their depths. He is so kind, so gentle, so nurturing to everything around him. Be it plant, animal, or anything else, he wants to see it flourish, grow, become what it wants to be and needs to be. He can easily see the precarious balance of the natural world and he understands how the scales tip, why they must tip from time to time, but does his part to help straighten them out when the time has passed for the imbalance to serve it's purpose. He can help you change your life,, help you change from within the things that hold you back, the ties that bind you and the stress and issues of past lives carried forward that are keeping you rooted in unhappiness and dissatisfaction. He can meet with you in dreams and in meditative visions, take you to his woods to heal, to settle, to find your true self and realize the path you need to be on. He is incredibly protective, so immensely kind and caring. You'd be hard pressed to find another as gentle but strong as he. He is affectionate in his own way but not sexual in nature.



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