Faerie Wood Dragon - Spirit


Walking through a forest in the Fae realms is an absolutely awe inspiring thing on it's own.  Just the sight of the trees, even the youngest of which would be STAGGERINGLY old in our world....  Their flora is incredible, so well respected, so well loved and cared for.  The natural world in the Fae Realm is preserved and revered...


But some of those massive trees you see, are not trees at all.  Many types of beings in the Fae Forests can appear as trees or vegetation.  One of which is the Faerie Wood Dragon.  


Faerie Wood Dragons appears as hulkingly huge trees, perfectly camouflaged and blended perfectly (aside from a very faint shimmer of energy and magic around them) with their surroundings until they want you to see them and make contact.  Then branches unfurl, bark shifts and reforms, eyes appear and in front of you is a huge, gorgeous dragon that seems alive in a way humans never could be.  Living as a dragon, living as a tree, with the wisdom, ancient knowledge, innate understanding and communication with the natural world...


Wood Dragons can commune with everything from spirits, humans and everything in their world, to the trees around them, plants and grasses, animals and even the stars.


Their energy is intense, but so incredibly grounding, stabilizing and calming to be near.  They are caregivers to the forest, protectors of the trees and deeply loving and caring providers to the Dryads themselves.  


They are trusted when it comes to all things spiritual and many elves and fae have a Rite of Passage to seek out a Wood Dragon with offerings and ask for it's counsel, advice and information into what path they should follow in life.


Wood Dragons can have quirky, incredibly open and charismatic personalities.  Charming, deeply funny and incredible conversationalists.  They love to talk, love to interact and are openly communicative through telepathy (if you are receptive to it) and through signs, symbolism and circumstance.


Truly incredible, calming and guiding...  They are wonders of their world, respected and sought after.  And so incredibly happy and incredibly energized at the idea of having human companions to help.   They know that the humans that seek them out are 'their kind of people'.  They are so excited to be joined with you...



Impressively large, hulking and solid in build, he has an amazing mix of vines, leaves, grasses and weathered wood that make up his dragon form. When standing as a tree he looks like a huge heavily trunked one with roots above the grasses at his base, thick lush green leaves and mosses all over his heavy branches. His eyes in his dragon form are sharp, keen light brown. He can have a bit of a fierce look to him, but he is all show on that front, being far more of a soft hearted dreamer than anything else. He loves to fly and loves to stand with his roots in the earth in equal proportion, making him a balanced creature to have in your keep. This is especially helpful to people who suffer anxiety, depression, those who want to spread their wings and fly but also keep a firm foot on the ground. He lives in both worlds, able to soar in the clouds but also needing the depth of grounding from the earth. He is warm, kind, very easy to bond with and will find all kinds of ways to let you know he's around. Open your mind and be ready! He is affectionate but not sexual in nature.



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