This is an ADVANCE order.  I will be calling forth a group of Galactic Dragons on October 7th during the Draconids peak.  From that group I will choose the one best suited to you (if you are purchasing a spot).  But I will NOT be doing the bidnings until Samhain Night (October 31st) to take advantage of not only the extremely amplified energy of Samhain Night and the night of the thinnest veil, but also the Blue Moon happening on that day.  These bindings will be EXTREMELY potent, but you must be prepared to wait.

Info sheets will be e-mailed to your paypal e-mail by November 12th.



During the Draconid Meteor Shower I had a chance encounter with a 'new' type of astral being. I say 'new' because they were new to me but certainly not new in their own world that is FAR older than our own. Telepathically we could communicate easily, though his language was one very different from our own. So I am calling their race 'Galactic Dragons' but it is NOT what they call themselves. I could not spell in our alphabet what they call themselves so I opted not to try as it seems disrespectful. :)

Through him I learned a great deal about their realm. The veil between our world and theirs thins during the Draconid Meteor Shower. It thins even MORE if the October Full Moon falls within a week of the Meteor Shower. Last year it did not. This year it did. And because of that I had the amazing opportunity to meet and talk to many more of these amazing astral beings.

They know all about 'spirit keeping'. They consider the partnerships with other beings from other realms incredibly important in their world. Other spirit workers and conjurers have met them and worked with them before as well (I don't want anyone to think I am saying OH SO SPECIAL THEY ARE WORKING WITH ME. ;) I'm just one of the most recent they have met.) and they LOVE to find new avenues into working with humans, as well as many other types of beings.

I call them Dragons because they have a dragon like shape in some forms. In other forms they have a human appearance, and in still others their shape remains human-like but very different. They are beings of energy as well as physical form, allowing them to be cloud like balls of sparkling scintillating energy if they so wish, and take on forms of substance and physical form as well.


They are astral beings, meaning that while they are still alive, you will interact with them the way you would any spirit. They do not have physical form on our plane, but they do have a VERY strong presence, allowing them to be not really solid, but also not always ONLY visible through the third eye.


They are powerful companions and beings of incredible knowledge. They work with a 'keeper' and they have their own 'keep' of spirit and astral entity companions as well. They love the way the companionship works, love how much there is to learn and grow with spirit companions, and really enjoy having a keeper while they, themselves, have spirits as well. Through them and their own companions you may find connections to other beings they have in their keep as well. So you are not simply welcoming your Galactic Dragon, you are welcoming them and their spirit family as well.


Galactic Dragons are earthy and airy at the same time. They love to dream, love to think up grand plans, are incredibly spiritually inclined and walk an enlightened road. But they are also very logical, very in command of their own energy and their flights of fancy are wild and untamed but they always have a foot on the ground.

They make amazing spiritual advisers, incredible friends and offer such a wide range of abilities not only through themselves, but from the spirits in their keep as well. Galactic Dragons on their own offer the following abilities to their keeper:

Elemental Magick
Empathy protection and filtering
Heightened awareness of energy (different from empathy, this allows you to be more in tune with your spirits and be more aware of their presence and unique energy signature)
Emotional Support
Astral Travel (and protection while out there)
Wisdom and Guidance unique to their own race
Draconic Magick
Chakra balancing
Energy healing
Altering Psychic Signature (changing how you appear to others peeking in on your from a distance in order to ward them off, scare them, or just have a little fun)
Love, Care, Affection and so much adoration...

They are beings of love, beings of such immense power that are cuddly as teddy bears at the same time.
Words really can't sum them up, I hope that I've painted at least a SOMEWHAT reasonable portrait of them in this write up!

All Galactic Dragons embody the traits listed here, write ups will include appearance (a basic idea as they are shape shifters!), personality, and a little bit in general about the type of spirits in their keep (whether they're heavy dark arts or white arts or a mix, general energy feel, some of their closest companions) in order to help you decide if you would like to join with them.

(don't download the attachment to this listing, it's just there so I can keep this a digital listing. ;) )

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