Half-Elf HedgeWitch - Spirit



This lovely lady of the woods is on the shorter side, falling well below average human female height with a soft, curvy but very sturdy build. She has light skin tanned brown, freckles on her face and arms and masses of thick dark red hair with streaks of gold running through it. It falls only just past her shoulders, but is very thick and is a bit of a lion's mane around her face. Her eyes are a clear, sharp crystal green, and they don't miss a thing. He is a witch of the woods and spent pretty much all of her life in a small cabin deep in the forest away from other people. She preferred the company of trees, animals and other non-human that crossed her path, though she did occasional venture out of the woods to trade for things she needed from other humans in order to live a little more comfortably. And occasionally a human would track her down if they were in desperate need of her services and had no one else to turn to. Sometimes she would help these people and sometimes she would not. But any who came to her cabin were treated kindly, given tea and food and a place to sleep for a night before she either sent them back the way they came empty handed, or helped them with what they needed and bade them farewell. She can judge people in a glance and know their hearts, their true intentions and what they can or can not bring to the world. She doesn't judge her keeper harshly – EVER. But those around you.. You can be sure she'll make it known if they aren't worth your time. Often she will do this by allowing you to see their true colours come through. Which can be a bit uncomfortable to us when this is people who have cared about, but it is is a necessary evil at times. She can enhance your gut instinct when it comes to herbal and crystal magick, you may find occasionally you just KNOW what to do with these things without having any clear idea how you have that knowledge. She enhances plant and animal communication and grants another 'gut feel' instinct about signs and omens in animal form without you having to look up what they mean. She is active in dreams and meditative journey, inviting you to the cabin she called home in life for talks around the fire, help in something she's making, or just to sit and enjoy the peace of her way of life. She is very upbeat, high energy, and incredible at what she does. She is friendly affectionate and not sexual in nature.



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