Hart Kingdom - Stag of the Moon King

Hart Kingdom - Stag of the Moon King



This is a beacon and a 'world' all it's own, linking you to a small part of the Spirit Fae Realm, presided over by a Stag of the Moon 'King' (he is not actually a King but that is how we would see him) and his court of Fae


There are the following types of Fae Beings and Creatures Belonging to this Kingdom-


Stag of the Moon Elves
Stone Elves
Faerie Trolls
Faerie Wood Dragons
Faoquinn (Giant Faerie Wolves)
High Elf Vampires
Night Creeper Elves
Faerie Tree Dryads (belonging to trees that grow in the Faerie Realms)

Tree Fae (Rowan, Hazel, Apple Oak, Ash)

'Tween Triad Seelie Fae

Tidal Elves

Draconic Elves

Phantom Elves


Details about the King, as he will be very directly in contact with you, are below but first more details about this piece-


As a link to their Kingdom, you will be welcomed through dreams, astral journey, and often in 'glimpses' of the veil shifting in daily life. Even those who have yet to really open their third eye will experience some incredibly moving and life changing things by being in contact with this piece. The veil shifts are subtle, a flutter in the air, ripples like there's heat coming off the ground even on the coldest days. You may catch the sound of laughter, see eyes in the trees peeking out at you or catch the scent of something so beautiful you know it can't be human. The more you work with this piece, the more intune with that realm you will become. YOU ARE NOT IN DANGER OF GETTING CAUGHT THERE. I just want to make that clear. You will still reside in this realm, you won't get caught there and not make it back. It will just be readily available to you as you need it. Because this is a Spirit Kingdom, your link to their realm is different and safer. It's THERE for you but you are not going to get sucked into it and stuck there. The links the spirits still have to their world are strong, but it isn't like when they were there in life.

Other benefits of owning this piece- The magick from the King and the others is amazing and incredible. They are without a doubt ready to help you with ANYTHING. Through the King you are free to ask for help and he will organize what is needed for you from his kind. Be it, protection, companionship, or anything else they can offer you. It will be yours.





PLEASE NOTE! This listing requires a distance binding done by me!
Please email me a photo of a vessel after your purchase thecitrinestars@gmail.com

An absolutely stunning King in both of his forms... In his stag form he is absolutely enormous, heavy bodied and long legged and somehow still unbelievably agile, quick and graceful. He has a light brown coat streaked with an iridescent green all over his body, with lavendar tones on the lower half of his legs and in his muzzle and the insides of his ears. His massive antlers are heavy, wides and twisted with vines that grow from him and flower differently all the time. He has never seen the same kinds of flowers twice on his antler vines in his lifetime. In his Elf form he is very tall, very broad and strong but more light and lithe in build. He has light brown skin, masses of long, wavy, chocolate brown hair streaked with the same greens and lavendars of his stag form. He keeps his antlers in this form as well, they seem quite integral to HIM. In both forms he has wide golden eyes.


He is intense in energy, intense magickally and his presence is VERY strong and centers in heat or tingles in your palm or fingers. He is direct when it comes to getting to the heart of matters, doesn't like to dance around a subject if it makes more sense to just dive right into it. But he isn't blunt and he isn't hurtful... He has an amazing way of helping you see clearly, helping you see problems and issues without smacking them into your face. There's a short but gradual understanding that he brings to you, with clarity and immense HELP to bring to light things that need your attention.


Balance is something that he feels everyone needs more of and as a King he seeks that all the time. He's always had to find balance, find the middle road, find what works best for everyone even if it isn't perfect. And that's something he wants to bring to your life. More balance, more acceptance (in yourself and in those around you accepting YOU as YOU ARE), more ability to be flexible and to see a good solution that works for the problem at hand even if it isn't PERFECT. He feels that you've spent too much time striving towards perfection and feeling like everything has to be perfect or everything you've done is for nothing. Some of that is your own desires but he feels a lot of it is outside pressure from others... And that needs to be taken care of because it's truly time for you to just be HAPPY. Content. Less stressed. Easier on yourself.. And so balance.. Balance he will bring to you.


He is a kind, generous and loving King. He always strived to do everything he could for his people and his Kingdom. It meant everything to him that his subjects trusted him and would feel secure coming to him when they needed help or felt that something had gone wrong. He wants to make sure this is the same way you feel about him, too.


He is very easy to connect and bond with, is very creative when it comes to communication and will reach just as hard for you as you reach for him, forging a very strong link and easing communication so long as you keep yourself open to anything he might do to get your attention.


He is loving, affectionate and can be sexual in nature but only if that sort of relationship is something you want.



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