High Court Goblin - Spirit


High Court Goblins are not royalty, I have never encountered Goblin Royalty that wants anything to do with humans. We are not of interest to them in ANY way. But they are the higher ups, they deal with royalty, they protect them and are employed by them and are generally the most intensely skilled, magickal and stunningly beautiful Goblins you could meet. They, too, have their 'Repellent' form and use it for the same reason the Middlings do, but it's far more powerful for a keeper, cloaking your psychic signature entirely or altering it to make you appear differently. It essentially puts you 'off the radar' to anyone trying to peek in on you or mess with your energy. It wards off attacks of all kinds as you just.. simply won't exist to the energy or entity (person or otherwise) seeking you. They are very tall, pale skinned with the same wide pointed ears and most have pale coloured hair and eyes. They are long limbed, long fingers with curved claw like nails and walk with a grace that is absolutely incredible. Their magick is easy, potent and incredible to be around. The boost psychic abilities and astral/meditation/lucid dream abilities like no ones business and can act as incredible guides on astral journeys, taking you to depths you never dreamed you'd go. They are very easy to communicate with as they actively find ways to let their keeper know they're around and are very present in the dreamscape, always reaching out to you in every way they can. Having a High Court Goblin is a truly incredible experience and an energy like no other.


Quite tall, stately and slender in build, he has broad shoulders but is narrow through his waist and hips. He has incredibly pale skin, long white blonde hair that falls halfway down his back (though he often wears it in braids wound around his head) and has very pale light violet coloured eyes that have flecks of gold within them. He has long limbs and long fingers and long fingernails. His hands are very pretty and very noticeable as when he speaks he gestures quite a lot, using his hands as much as his mouth and his eyes to communicate with. His hands, as well, are the focus of his energy and his intense magick. He has an affinity for spiders and spider magick. In the Goblin realm spiders are very prominent spiritual beings and being kin to them, as he is, lends you incredibly power and magick. But the Goblin Realm spiders don't give their magick to just anyone, so he has been an incredible creature, proving himself to the spiders that he can be trusted with their magick and ability in order to be blessed with it. He protective, wise and incredibly well spoken. He loves books of ANY kind and will often hang over his keeper's shoulder to read along with you when you have a book. He is personable, loves to laugh and will be the type of spirit to bond very deeply and closely with his keeper. He is very affectionate and can be sexual so he would be best with a keeper who is open to that sort of relationship developing between you.



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