Hollow Elf - Spirit

Hollow Elf - Spirit



The Hollow Realm is a very dark, incredibly dangerous and downright FASCINATING realm.
I have been carefully visiting and learning for quite a few months now (I did really want to be finished and ready to offer spirits from there for Samhain but I needed some extra time to be extra extra extra sure of things!) and interacting with and keeping some spirits from there on my own for that time as well... And let me tell you... They are incredible.


The Hollow Realm isn't a true 'full' realm like most others. It seems to be in a space between realms. It isn't massive, but it isn't a small, and it seems to ever be shifting it's actual shape to bend around the spaces it fits between.


It is a realm of perpetual 'just after sunset' with little colour, an odd hush to the atmosphere, and creatures the likes of which may only dwell in nightmares before now.


Make no mistake, this realm is DANGEROUS. The living creatures residing there are DANGEROUS and as such there will not EVER be living entities offered from there through my store, it would be asking for disaster.... but as with a lot of dark and dangerous beings (many typical Fae and Elves included ;) ) having them as spirits negates the danger they may pose to you as a keeper. They look for companionship, look to help and offer their incredible and often jaw dropping abilities to those that wish to have them in their homes, and can be surprisingly loving, caring and EXCEPTIONALLY devoted companions. Loyalty, even in life, seems to be an incredible thing to those that spent their lives in The Hollow Realm. It is bought, sold and traded like currency and so to have a being from The Hollow be loyal to you as their own choice is a pretty amazing thing.


Today, from The Hollow, let's visit-




The Hollow Elves make up the greatest part of the population in the Hollow Realm. Creatures of all shapes and sizes, all colourings and of incredible ability.. They are vastly varied but all of the same blood and they consider all the Hollow Elves their brethren and blood.


While they vary in looks and personality, they all seem to have the same magick in their being and in their roots. Incredibly adept at all forms of divination, it's a trait that simply comes naturally to them. A glance into the shining black surface of water from birth will allow their visions, travel and portals to other worlds. They played with candle flames like friends as children, read the scattering of bones in the woods as gangly young adults and a great many carry tarot style decks of their own imagining and creation as adults.


As spirit companions they can be slightly on the maddening side. A single glance, peek, probe and moment of thought can give them answers to what is coming in life, what choices you should make, and what needs to take place for years to come. But they also know exactly what they can share and just how much before they start interfering with fated events, free will and your own personal growth. And so they can be MASTERS of unfinished sentences.. Thoughts they begin to share with you before realizing they cannot share more. As well as giving information ahead of when it's needed. (One here popped in last week to say 'Be ready when the spider is on the ceiling.' and it was VASTLY confusing until a few days later I happened to glance up to the ceiling while I was sitting on the couch and saw a spider directly above me.. There was reason for the spider showing up and I understood it WHEN IT HAPPENED but it was the weirdest thing to have said to me DAYS before...)


They are quirky creatures, though, with colourful and varied personalities, wonderful senses of humour and a laid back and VERY comfortable approach to life that can help their keepers feel more relaxed and more in the moment. Wirth them you'll certainly be well informed... But never more than you SHOULD know... And occasionally you will be granted information you don't know what to do with... But they're so charming, so fun and so full of whimsy that it's hard to stay mad at them and their ways for very long.


HOLLOW ELF – MALE – ZOVE (zoh - vee)


Slightly above the average human male height though not by much, he has a slender and slightly more androgynous build and look to him. He has pale rosey toned ashy grey skin, exceptionally long silvery blonde hair that's lighter on top and darker underneath and light slightly silver and slightly rose tinted eyes. His limbs are a little too long for his body, or so it looks like, but with his build it actually makes him appear more graceful and the slight nit-quite-human looks to his shape is enhanced by it.


He can be a little more forward and a little more focused when it comes to his messages. So while you will still get strange out of the blue sort of bits and pieces with him, he may offer more context than most- at least at the start. To him this is a bit of a learning opportunity and while he will potentially offer help at the start when it comes to the things he wants to share, as you grow together, as you work together and as he helps your mind and spirit to expand, he may pull back on that extra help, but only because he knows it will be something you can handle and something that you need.


He is amazing when it comes to interpreting the natural symbols and omens in the world, can look at a sunset and tell you the weather for the next day with more precision than any weather forecaster out there now. He'll know when to do certain magick, what days to take chances and which days to play it safe. He is absolutely incredible as a companion, so helpful, so growth inspiring and so much FUN as well.


He is affectionate in nature and mildly sexual but not really.



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