King/Queen Vampire - Servitor

Servitors are intangible beings much like spirits but where a spirit was a being who was once living, coming from a race of many just like them, Servitors are created through Psionic. They are comprised entirely of energy but take many forms and many people find the connection with servitors to be stronger, more real, more vivid. They can be created to look any way someone wants, many times over for many people. While at first one Servitor will be exactly the same as any other purchased of the same kind, over time they develop with their keeper to form their own personalities, greater strengths, and stronger energy. This 'bonding' is much the same as with a Spirit, but with the added bonus that this Construct will form as it gets to know YOU.


All Servitors have 'base skills' that they are created with, each type is different and in the listing below I'll detail out these skills. But within each skill you can imagine the potential for growth as your Servitor gets to know you and work with you.


While Servitors can grow personally and their set abilities can become stronger, more enhanced and more focused based on your needs, they absolutely CANNOT learn new skills, develop bad abilities, bad habits or bad attitudes. They cannot be good one day and bad the next. They cannot become tainted, infected, weakened, 'broken' or changed in any way. A Servitor is CREATED and SET energy, it embodies what it is created to be and never anything else.
It cannot be altered or influenced.

Servitors from me through the website are assigned names. This formal name is part of the invocation process and also aids in boosting the Servitors 'growth' ability by allowing it a personal identity.



The Queen and King Vampires (see picture in the listing for your Servitor's appearance! Make sure to save or screencap the image for your records!) are powerful Servitors that can act as 'Heads of Household” to your other Servitors. They don't rule them or command them around or act like mean nasty lords and ladies, they are just highly proficient at keeping track of who can do what in terms of abilities, and make sure that you are taken care of at the right moment with the right skills. Aside from these organizational wonders, they also have the following abilities:

ENERGY DRAW – Ability to draw ambient (ONLY ambient, unused, un-needed or excess energy that will either have NO impact on you, your pets, plants and those around you, or will HELP you by using anger, anxiety, extreme mood swings, etc – that which may be disturbing you – never energy that is needed, being used or is wanted by you) energy to transform to “neutral energy” for you to use when needed. Almost like a caffeine boost when required, without the side effects of caffeine. Had a bad sleep but need to get through the day? This sort of thing is what Energy Draw is for.


PERSUASION – Vampires are known for their ability to get what they want from people, using their intense charisma, amazing energy and incredible magick they tend to get whatever it is they want. While this servitor can't promise you EVERYTHING you could want, you can be sure that you'll find things are much easier to obtain, people are much easier to persuade to see your way of thinking (provided you aren't trying to hurt or negatively control anyone...) and people take you more seriously in general.

COMMUNICATION – Be it spirits, entities, servitors, plants, animals or people, you can be sure that your ability to communicate will be heightened and clarified with this Servitor in your keep. This is definitely an ability that grows and forms to be more personal for YOU the more you work with this servitor.


NIGHT SIGHT – No, this doesn't make it easier for you to see at night, but it does allow you the ability to puzzle out problems, issues, emotional wounds, areas that need healing and other areas of your own life that you are normally 'in the dark' about. Problems you may have carried forward from past lives, issues in this life, healing that needs to take place but you don't know or understand the root cause... these are all things Night Sight helps shed some light on, help you understand, and aid you in moving forward and past the problems that are holding you back. Incredibly useful, even if it sounds mundane. It can bring to light problems you don't even know you're having and offer insight into issues that you may never have considered otherwise.

GLAMOUR – While this is not a full on glamour sort of spell they can do, these Servitors can make you (I refuse to say 'sparkle') GLOW a little bit on the outside, smooth your appearance a bit, charm your smile and add a bit of dazzle to your eyes. What for? If you need to convince someone of something they don't want to do*, if someone refuses to take you seriously and won't pay you proper respect, or you just want to have a little more attention focused on you, a little glamour never hurt.

* Having someone do something they don't want to do DOES NOT include anything that tampers with free will. Glamour will not convince someone to date you, to kiss you, to have sex with you, etc. It will not put power over the other person. The purpose of this ability is to do things like convince a store clerk to give you a refund the day after the refund time expires, or have someone come and fix something broken at your house that day rather than booking you an appointment later in the week. Harmless, helpful and non-invasive. NEVER will it grant you power of persuasion over someone in a personal or detrimental way.



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