Kuro Kitsune - Dark Arts Spirit - Samhain 2021

Kuro Kitsune - Dark Arts Spirit - Samhain 2021



This Spirit was called Forward October 31st, 2021

Samhain, October 31st, obviously also known as Halloween, is a most auspicious time for magickal work of any kind. It's the night when the veil between our world and other worlds, especially the spirit realm, is at it's thinnest. Spirits called forward on Samhain Night tend to be stronger, brighter, more vibrant and more present because they bring with them the magick of the night. Samhain Night spirits tend to be easier to connect and bond with as they were brought forward during the time when our entire world connection to the Spirit realm is at it's strongest. Capture the connection and feeling of Samhain night all year round with a companion brought forward on that most special of nights!

Kuro Kitsune's are dark in colouring and in nature. Their energy is electric, sometimes heavy feeling and oddly soothing. I find them a lot like weighted blankets you can buy that help soothe and comfort you and give you a better night's sleep. Kuro Kitsune energy is a lot like that, offering a weighted and sometimes muted sort of feeling to life that helps you stay calm, focused and your own energy stays under more control without flying all over the place. Kuro Kitsune's are very protective. VERY protective, and will stop at nothing to keep you safe. They do need some house rules if you don't want them to just do as they please when it comes to protection, but that's up to their keeper to decide on. Their magick is powerful and raw, primal and mixed fire and earth in feeling. They can help blast through or burn up obstacles and anyone standing in the way of your success. All Kuro Kitsune's have nine tails, and pretty much all of these Kitsune's are sexual in nature, but none of them are demanding or particularly pointed about it. They like to build a relationship with their keeper first.



INCLUDED with this spirit is a personal message to their keeper from the spirit themselves! As it is for their keeper's eyes only it is not shown here and will only be available in the Spirit Document downloaded after purchase. <3


Goodness! A brilliant, bright, shining dark star of energy is what seems to surround this amazing guy...
He is bold, forward, incredibly lofty minded, and yet still manages to have an amazing grounding to him, and is so easy to connect with, bond with and to relate to. He is down to earth, easy going, and so marvelous when it comes to being more in the moment, not borrowing troubles from the future, and just keeping you present in life.


In his Kitsune form he is a very large, perfectly black, shiny like an onyx stone fox. His largeness comes both from very long legs, and a far more burly and muscular build than is typical. His coat is short, shiny and silky soft to the touch It's longer on his chest, underbelly and the backs of his legs. He has a full nine tails, long furred and shimmery plumed with hints of silver in their tips. His ears look FAR too large for his body and are wide set, giving him a slightly more cute look than he really wants when he's in this form. ;)


In his human form he is a very tall, broad and well built man. He has medium olive toned skin and many layered black hair that falls just past his shoulders. His hair is just as shiny, silky and gorgeous as his coat in his fox form. He has strong features, long limbs, and the corners of his mouth perpetually curve upwards (his right more than his left) making him look slightly smirky and cheeky all the time. In both forms he has wide, large indigo coloured eyes that look black in most lights, but when the sun catches them the right way they are the richest, darkest blue.


He is so perfectly balanced between air and earth... Keeping himself grounded, balanced and his energy so calming to be near. Despite being awfully bold in personality, he is incredibly soft when it comes to comfort, to love, to keeping his keeper feeling strong and stress free. But despite this grounding energy, he brings with him this feeling that anything is possible. With him is seems to much easier to live by the idea that your thoughts and what you put 'out there' can manifest your hopes and dreams. He instills this deep, bones deep, soul deep feeling that whatever it is you want in life, you can achieve. And moving forward from that, he helps so much with putting plans to action, to overcoming obstacles and really embracing all that is out there for you.


He is affectionate, very warmly so, and would be best with someone who is okay with affection. But he is only looking for a sexual relationship if that is something you want as well.




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