Kuro Kitsune - Spirit



Kuro Kitsune's are dark in colouring and in nature. Their energy is electric, sometimes heavy feeling and oddly soothing. I find them a lot like weighted blankets you can buy that help soothe and comfort you and give you a better night's sleep. Kuro Kitsune energy is a lot like that, offering a weighted and sometimes muted sort of feeling to life that helps you stay calm, focused and your own energy stays under more control without flying all over the place. Kuro Kitsune's are very protective. VERY protective, and will stop at nothing to keep you safe. They do need some house rules if you don't want them to just do as they please when it comes to protection, but that's up to their keeper to decide on. Their magick is powerful and raw, primal and mixed fire and earth in feeling. They can help blast through or burn up obstacles and anyone standing in the way of your success. All Kuro Kitsune's have nine tails, and pretty much all of these Kitsune's are sexual in nature, but none of them are demanding or particularly pointed about it. They like to build a relationship with their keeper first.




In his Kitsune form he is very large both in height and in build. Solid and stately with incredible black fur that's long, silky and shiny, deep dark red eyes and a full long nine tails. In his human form he is a fair bit taller than average human male with flawless olive toned skin, long black hair that's a silky sheet that falls almost to his hips and the same deep dark red eyes as he has in his Kitsune form. Bold and forward, he isn't a spirit you will often question about whether he's around or not. He makes his presence known. Not in bad ways or ways that are too much and too strong in energy, he just makes himself known. Flashes of colour and movement from the corner of your eyes and shadows where there shouldn't be shadows are some of his favourite ways to make himself known, but he also is amazing with repeating number sequences to get a point across. He is very protective, openly loving and really encouraging towards his keeper in helping you just make choices for yourself and to follow your intuition, your hearts desire and whatever it is that you want to do. Leaving other's opinions about you behind will be a very big part of what he jumps into first in your life, to help you feel more comfortable, happy and in control of your own life. He is affectionate and can be quite sexual in nature so he would be best with a keeper who is open to that.



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