Merman - Spirit



Mermen are very sensual and openly loving companions. They do wonders for self esteem, self confidence and for learning to assert yourself and stand up for yourself. They're very genuine and very honest. If you're looking for truth about yourself, about your life, about your friends and family, having a merman is a great thing for you. However if you're not at a point in your life where absolute honesty like that is something you can handle then you likely wouldn't do well with a merman.


Mermen also are incredible at seeing all sides and balancing thoughts, feelings and situations for better understanding. They're remarkably adept at understanding things on a deeper level and have a very patient way of explaining things to their keepers so you may understand their view on any situation you're in.



The upper portion of his body is a lean, slim and young man with light and deceptively strong muscles. He has very pale skin that shades indigo in his fingertips, elbows, ear tips and along his hairline and short very dark hair. His lower half is that of a long shiny fish with strong light coloured fins. His scales are a vibrant and shimmering royal blue that is absolutely gorgeous when in brilliant sunlight. When visiting in dreams and meditative vision he can also present himself as fully human with legs. He looks exactly the same minus the fins and stands surprisingly tall! He is a buoyant and inviting companion. Someone who likes to draw his keeper out of their shel, aid them with dealing with blockages, sorting out past issues, unbinding you from the things that tie you and hold you back. He is SO encouraging, so bolstering to courage and so quick to offer his strength, his support and his guidance in anything and everything. He deals so deeply with emotion, helping his keeper and aiding them in feeling settled and happy in their own skin and their own mind. There is nothing he wouldn't do for you, his love and his ability is absolutely endless. He is affectionate and can be sexual in nature but in no way requires that sort of relationship.



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