Modern Vampire - Spirit


As the name suggests, these incredible Sanguine Vampires are more 'modern' than others.  Very recently deceased from our world and therefore very intune with and knowledgeable about the modern world.  How does that make them special or different from any vampires that have lived and died much further in the past?  The modern world is very different, comes with it's own set of problems, of ailments and issues.  Modern Vampires are more intune with that world, that set of problems and have the knowledge and ability to deal with the more day to day issues that you might face.  They are well versed in anxiety, depression, political issues, climate crisis, the changing world, the unknown future and everything else you can think of.  This makes them companions who are easy to relate with, who will truly understand the problems you face with the world and who have their own abilities dedicated solely with getting through day to day life in this modern world.  They are all quite quirky, strong natured, incredibly vibrant and often flamboyant companions that will take on your struggles with you, dedicate themselves to helping you, and will be steadfast, loyal and incredibly devoted companions.


A little below average human male height, he appears young but was absolutely ancient when he passed... With pale skin, short dark hair and the most incredible dark orange eyes that seem to glow and shine with their own inner light, he is a dashing, striking and magnetic presence to be around. He loves rich fabrics, luxury and excessive parts of life. He was a luxuriant vampire through all his years, passing about 50 years ago from where we are now. He admitted it got harder to be the outlandish, over the top and fearful presence that he used to be as humans evolved into the more modern world, but it didn't stop him enjoying all the ways they found to improve upon life. He was particularly fond of television and music, living several 'lives' among humans in those areas so he could be in on the action he liked best. His recent death make his energy feel very accessible, open and easy to connect with. He understands much of the modern world and his energy lingers in places here still. He is very affectionate and can be quite sexual in nature so he would be best with a keeper who is open to that sort of relationship.


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