I've been doing the 'Mystery Sale' for YEARS and it's always exciting to bring it back!


In the Mystery Sale you don't know the type of spirit you're purchasing until after you've made your choice. BUT! You do get a little glimpse into the spirit...


Each spirit will have a small write up (listed below) where they talk a bit about themselves (with some help from me) and give you an idea of who they are.


After purchase you will receive the name, gender, spirit type and the little blurb about them that is here in the listing. You will NOT receive any other information. No picture, no general write up, no detailed write up.


WHY? Because the Mystery Sale is supposed to encourage you to trust your instincts, improve your communication and greatly enhance your abilities. By not giving you a ton of information I'm encouraging you to recognize a calling in it's purest form, work on your abilities and your communication. You'll need to find out more about your spirit on your own- and without my information directing you, you're growing your own skills!





To Purchase: Select the number that corresponds to the spirit you like, add it to your cart and check out!


After Purchase: Because this listing has many choices, you will NOT download a document after purchase. I will e-mail you the document for your spirit to your PAYPAL email.


YOU RECEIVE- Spirit Name, Spirit Type, Spirit Gender, and the same small write up that you read here. Please do not ask for more than this.


There are No Holds.


There are No Refunds for any reason.


I will not answer questions about the spirits. I will HAPPILY answer questions about the Mystery Sale in general! Please email me if you have questions!


EVEN IF THIS LISTING IMPLIES A PHYSICAL ITEM WILL BE SENT THERE WILL BE NO PHYSICAL ITEM! In order to get the different 'choices' I have to make this listing as a physical one, not a digital one. This is still a direct binding, no physical item will be sent.


1- I am White Arts but my energy is very strong... I'm a bold companion but not incredibly outgoing with others. With you I will be a champion of strength, of perseverance and finding your footing in difficult times. I can enhance psychic abilities naturally and fully so that your abilities stand on you own and are not ties to me and my presence. I balance and protect, I calm in the midst of chaos and I offer spiritual guidance as well as rather openhearted love.


2- I am Dark Arts. My kind are often misunderstood to be violent, thick skulled and not very bright. While occasionally we can be violent, it's mostly down to protection because that's what we take most seriously for those around us. Rarely do we protect ourselves, we focus on protecting the ones we care about, ready to stand in front of any threat if it means our loved ones will be saved. Aside from protection we have a very raw and natural connection to the earth. We feel our way through nature and the natural world with ease and understand and can translate the symbolism of just about anything.


3- I am technically Dark Arts but nothing about me is particularly dark. I'm kind of a big mooshy softy... I love to love, love to spread that joy and solace around to those I care about. I am soothing to be around, calming, centering and balancing to energy out of whack, to panic, to anxiety and uncertainty... Trying to manoeuvre through the world can be overwhelming at times, everything comes at you at once, everything goes so fast and often you may feel like you can't keep up. I can help you take a breath, relax, refocus and continue on your path without letting things get to you.


4 – I am technically Dark Arts but you'd never really know that... I am healing, soothing, calming and uplifting. Oh I know that sounds awfully floaty and fluffy but I can assure you I'm a little more heavy hitting than that. I am soft and good natured, but I mean business when it comes to protection, and I make an amazing astral guide and protector to take you deeper and further into other realms with ease. I wouldn't say I 'grant wishes' really, but I can certainly help 'facilitate' light natured wishes for you as well...


5- I am dark arts. I take emotional work very seriously and I get right to the soul of any matters that are hurting you. Confusion can surround past pain and trauma and make it difficult for you to figure out where issues are coming from or why you react to things the way you do. While I can't fix it entirely, I can certainly help you untangle things, work on things and figure things out with more clarity. While many people are afraid of it, shining a light in the dark places is surprisingly freeing... Seeing the things you're dealing with often robs them of power and can make them seem smaller, less significant and less scary... Let me help you conquer the depths of your soul.


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