I've been doing the 'Mystery Sale' for YEARS and it's always exciting to bring it back!


In the Mystery Sale you don't know the type of spirit you're purchasing until after you've made your choice. BUT! You do get a little glimpse into the spirit...


Each spirit will have a small write up (listed below) where they talk a bit about themselves (with some help from me) and give you an idea of who they are.


After purchase you will receive the name, gender, spirit type and the little blurb about them that is here in the listing. You will NOT receive any other information. No picture, no general write up, no detailed write up.


WHY? Because the Mystery Sale is supposed to encourage you to trust your instincts, improve your communication and greatly enhance your abilities. By not giving you a ton of information I'm encouraging you to recognize a calling in it's purest form, work on your abilities and your communication. You'll need to find out more about your spirit on your own- and without my information directing you, you're growing your own skills!





To Purchase: Select the number that corresponds to the spirit you like, add it to your cart and check out!


After Purchase: Because this listing has many choices, you will NOT download a document after purchase. I will e-mail you the document for your spirit to your PAYPAL email.


YOU RECEIVE- Spirit Name, Spirit Type, Spirit Gender, and the same small write up that you read here. Please do not ask for more than this.


There are No Holds.


There are No Refunds for any reason.


I will not answer questions about the spirits. I will HAPPILY answer questions about the Mystery Sale in general! Please email me if you have questions!


EVEN IF THIS LISTING IMPLIES A PHYSICAL ITEM WILL BE SENT THERE WILL BE NO PHYSICAL ITEM! In order to get the different 'choices' I have to make this listing as a physical one, not a digital one. This is still a direct binding, no physical item will be sent.


6- I am Dark Arts. If you love sleep, love dreams, like to try and figure out what your dreams mean and what you're being led towards.... As well as figuring out which of your dreams are dreams and which are actually ventures into parallel worlds or the astral realm... I am definitely the companion for you. There's little I do better than anything to do with dreams, the astral realms and moving between worlds. I am quite natured but strong in energy, I like finding all kinds of little ways to help you, encourage you and let you know I'm around.


7 – I am Dark Arts. I am incredibly protective of my keeper as I view them as one of my own when we are bonded together. I forge a deep relationship and carry them forward as long as my keeper wishes to... This life or beyond this life. Aside from being very protective I can also be pretty playful. I like to inspire joy, I like to attract it to your life as well. Energy attracts energy and so with me there even if you're feeling down, there will be happiness around seeking you... I'm a solid shoulder to lean on or cry on and I will work my hardest to let you know how much I care and how much I understand...


8 – I am Dark Arts. I like to ease and facilitate change for my keeper... Starting with trying to find ways to easer you into it early on, let you know change is coming, help you find ways to make it work for you and not be totally at odds. Sometimes change comes fast and furious, though, and there isn't much warning. In those instances I try and help you with courage, flexibility, understanding of the situation and trying to find clear paths to the right decisions you need to make. I try not to tell you what to do, rather I like to show you solutions, as many as I can, and let you choose what you feel is best for you.


9 – I am Dark Arts but would call myself Grey Arts more than anything else. I like to try and enhance spirit communication for you. This doesn't mean I flip a switch and you can hear all your spirits... It isn't that ease, nor should it be. I can help you tune in, not just to them talking to you, but all the other ways that they communicate. I can open your mind, help you notice the little things, help you understand them and what they mean... And so much more... I can draw in very vivid dreams, especially if the dreams are linked to your spirits visiting you, making it way for you to meet, to spend time together and get closer. I'm a pretty upbeat and happy spirit to have around as well as being kinda useful.


10 – I am Dark Arts but you'd never know it if I didn't say it. I am a gentle kind of creature, in life I desperately preferred being alone in the trees than ever having anything to do with others of my kind or any kind... Though there were a lot of animals that I very much enjoyed... I understand nature, the natural world and the cycle of things. I can help you be more in tune with the natural cycle of your own world as well as the natural cycle of YOU. We al run through natural cycles, all the time, many many many times through life, we just may not be aware of it. Knowing and understanding your own natural cycle not only makes life easier for you, it truly helps you make the best of any given day. I am deeply loving and can be a VERY strong communicator with my keeper.. I like to be close.


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