Raven Shifter - Spirit

Raven Shifter - Spirit



Much like a Were-Raven this being has the ability to move between human and Raven form. He is, however, a magickal familiar with these shape shifting abilities and will aid you in life, spiritual growth, magick workings (guiding, teaching, guiding you TO those who can teach you), energy work and life help as well.


Animal familiars as as wide and varied as you can imagine them to be. Any animal, bird or evenb insect can be a familiar as all creatures on earth (and in the astral planes) have their own traits and abilities to aid those around them. Spiritual Familiars are wonderful companions to have. They tend to be deeply lotal, loving and very very present spirits. They're easy to care for, easy to bond with and wonderful close companions. Each animal brings with them theur own abilities, their own traits and their own way of doing things. They can be magickal and help with spell work, they can be protective and fierce against negative influences. They can be an aid to the primal psychic senses you have or provide you with attributes only they have. Whatever animal you are drawn to, understand the significance behind them and what they do in life is what they can bring to you on a spiritual level as their keeper.



In his raven form he is nearly twice the size of the average raven, so he is VERY large and very much stands out. He has inky black feathers that shimmer and shine in opalescent rainbows when the sun hits him directly. He has a very coarse but oddly human sounding call in this form as well. In his human form he is very tall and broad shouldered though lean through the rest of his build. He has pale skin, sharp features and shoulder length wavy hair that is SO dark red it mostly appears black. In both forms he has very very dark brown eyes.


Mysterious, enigmatic, and intensely magickal, he is a very unique guy in a lot of ways. His power seems to simmer under the surface of him constantly. So palpable and so clearly immense and yet he is one of the most down to earth 'I have no need for such power' sort of creatures out there. But his power is there and can come from something as subtle as a flick of his finger in your general direction to 'get the ball rolling' or remove some problems or clear some stress or obstacle in your way.


He is the master of the slow smile and deep sigh with a warm glitter in his eye when you ask him for something and he's ready to oblige. I say 'ready' because he has such innate wisdom and understanding that he can see the BIG picture of life. Your life, in particular, and he will not act on something, no matter how much you want it, until it's the right time. Sometimes the 'right time' for something may never come because it was never meant for you in the first place, but he allows things to unravel, lets YOU see how things are coming together and helps you understand the convoluted and often tricky path of following dreams and how things change, people change and dreams can shift to something better as well.


Along that vein he is wonderful at helping you identify ruts and old habits in your life that are no longer serving you. Things you're clinging to that are only holding you back, and he offers immense support to help you move away from these things and on to new things that will serve you so much better.


He is quietly affectionate but is not sexual in nature.



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