Retrograde Saviours - Servitor

Retrograde Saviours - Servitor



Servitors are intangible beings much like spirits but where a spirit was a being who was once living, coming from a race of many just like them, Servitors are created through Psionic. They are comprised entirely of energy but take many forms and many people find the connection with servitors to be stronger, more real, more vivid. They can be created to look any way someone wants, many times over for many people. While at first one Servitor will be exactly the same as any other purchased of the same kind, over time they develop with their keeper to form their own personalities, greater strengths, and stronger energy. This 'bonding' is much the same as with a Spirit, but with the added bonus that this Construct will form as it gets to know YOU.


All Servitors have 'base skills' that they are created with, each type is different and in the listing below I'll detail out these skills. But within each skill you can imagine the potential for growth as your Servitor gets to know you and work with you.


While Servitors can grow personally and their set abilities can become stronger, more enhanced and more focused based on your needs, they absolutely CANNOT learn new skills, develop bad abilities, bad habits or bad attitudes. They cannot be good one day and bad the next. They cannot become tainted, infected, weakened, 'broken' or changed in any way. A Servitor is CREATED and SET energy, it embodies what it is created to be and never anything else.
It cannot be altered or influenced.

Servitors from me through the website are assigned names. This formal name is part of the invocation process and also aids in boosting the Servitors 'growth' ability by allowing it a personal identity.




Ah, that lovely time of year when Mercury decides it's going to mess with all of us. Probably just for laughs. It likely LOVES this. 3 weeks of absolutely abysmal life on earth... (Yes, I'm being INCREDIBLY over dramatic. ;) )

Some are FIERCE looking WARRIORS and some are not. Each Saviour has exactly the same abilities, their appearances are what's different however.


Please make sure to save or screencap the image from the listing as this is the appearance of your Servitor!

Curious about what these Servitors can do? Here's their abilities!

PLEASE NOTE – These Servitors and Abilities will still be VERY much fully functional while we aren't in a Retrograde, their abilities will simply seem heightened and more attuned during Retrograde because of the astrological tilt away from the normal balance.


CLEARY COMMUNICATION – Helps to deflect the impossibilities that Retrograde throws our way with communication. Often during Retrograde it becomes harder to talk to people and have them understand, or understand what someone is saying to you. Miscommunications and misunderstandings ABOUND during retrograde, making it hard to work, hard to love, hard to be a good friend at times, through no fault of your own or anyone else. Mercury just gums up the works of communication to make it hard in general. This servitor will have an area of effect around you of approximately ten feet and anyone in that bubble (and this works over the internet as well so long as the device YOU are using to communicate on is within that ten feet) will have the benefits of the Clearly Communication ability.


LETS MAKE A DEAL – While it still isn't advisable to make big purchases, big decisions or make travel plans during retrograde, sometimes you absolutely can't help but do it. Life can't stand still for Mercury (even though it's seeming to stand still for US right now.. .. yes yes, over dramatic...) so this Servitor can help with anything in this realm to try and HELP ease things to the best possible outcome during Retrograde. It cannot fully prevent anything bad from happening, but it can soften things down a bit, try and smooth out wrinkles and do it's best to not make things disastrous.


TRAVEL SAFE – Again, still not advisable to travel during Retrograde, but again, life doesn't wait so sometimes you will HAVE to travel. And this includes the regular journey to and from work as well. Travel gets mightily messed up during Retrograde and your Servitor can help make it less of a trail than it normally would be without them. Again, it doesn't prevent anything and everything bad from happening, but you can be assured it will lessen any snafus that you have to deal with.


LUCK – That's right, not GOOD luck or BAD luck, just NEUTRAL luck, because Retrgrade can inspire just plain flat our bad luck. This Servitor doesn't try and combat it to the point of turning it around to good luck (because that, honestly, could be a disaster), it simply works to help neutralize the bad luck. You'll hopefully find yourself regularly neither lucky nor unlucky. Which honestly, in Retrograde, is a very good thing. Outside of Retrograde you may find this particular ability does inspire some GOOD luck for you, but during Retrograde.. neutral.


CALM BLUE OCEAN - One of the hardest parts of Retrograde has to be the way we can suddenly see ourselves in a not particularly nice light. You may be acutely aware of what you feel are shortcomings, issues, problems with yourself. You may find yourself HATING yourself during retrograde, not wanting to be with friends, not believing compliments and doing a lot of negative thinking and negative self talk. That's just Mercury talking (or not talking) and it isn't real. But that doesn't make it any easier, does it? This ability will help you stay calm, stay grounded, stay positive and smile. Iyt will inspire helpful self talk, feelings of self worth and a general happiness that will hopefully blow away the awful nastiness that clouds your judgement and your mind. There is a bit of a built in that in those receptive to it WILL put a wonderfully calm blue ocean into your mind when you start to think negatively or feel just awful about yourself. Close your eyes and let the vision envelop you because it will help you feel like everything will be okay.


LOVE – This Servitor is also infused with far more than normal capacity for love, care and adoration. Because you may need that and find it the most helpful when dealing with Retrograde. So let them love you and care for you and possibly at time lavish you with ridiculous compliments. Trust me, they mean it. ;)







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