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The custom process where you don't choose the spirit, the spirit chooses you!


This listing is for – 1 SINGLE SPIRIT


Single Spirits purchased through Etsy- Direct to you binding ONLY!


Single Spirits purchased on the website- Dual binding direct to you and a physical vessel will be mailed to you.



I will NOT be moving spaces back and forth between the Website and Etsy.  Whatever spaces are available on each are as they are staying.  Please don't ask me to move a Reverse Adoption listing to or from the website or Etsy.  <3




All of the following are important things you need to know and understand when you purchase.  If you are NOT OKAY with any of the following, please do not purchase this listing.  None of these things are up for negotiation and I am stating them right up front.  <3 


~ This is a COMPLETELY OPEN Reverse Adoption, meaning that I am matching you with the Spirit who most strongly seems to choose and desire to be with you and you have no input into it at all. ;)  In the past I have allowed people to add at least some parameters to the search, but for this one it must be left completely open.  If you are coming into this with expectations or a certain spirit in mind that you want to connect with, this is not the right purchase for you.  This is completely open, no requests or parameters will be entertained. <3


~ There are NO HOLDS for Reverse Adoption spaces.  Please don't ask for one. <3


~ Listings will be available until end of day Friday June 16th.  Any that have not been sold will be removed.  <3


~ Information includes – Spirit Type, General Spirit Type Information, Spirit Name & Gender, Spirit Specific Information (Appearance, Personality, Energy, Offerings etc). 


~ Information MAY include - Personal Messages but that is entirely up to the Spirit themselves.  I always ask if they have a Personal Message to include and either they say yes and I include it or they say no and I leave it at that.  You cannot 'request' to have a personal message and please don't send me messages afterwards saying you really expected to have a Personal Message.  Know up front that you may NOT get one.


~ Information does NOT include- a picture of your Spirit.


~ Reverse Adoption information tends to be SHORTER than normal information of pre-bounds in the shop.  The price of this listing accounts for both the fact that this is custom work (more expensive) but shorter information (less expensive). 


~ Please allow up to 14 days for work to be completed and information to be sent to you.


~ I WILL NEED-  Your full name and your DOB (place and time or birth are helpful, but not required- don't stress if you don't know!).  Please include this information when you purchase, or message me with this info after your purchase.  


IF YOU PURCHASED ON ETSY- Single Spirit bindings are complete when you receive the e-mail from Etsy that your document is ready to download.  (Please make sure you receive emails from Etsy or you check your 'orders' area regularly as all information is uploaded through Etsy)  KINGDOMS- Require vessel bindings done by me.  Please either send me an image of your chosen vessel directly after you check out, or promptly after you receive your information.  


IF YOU PURCHASED ON THE WEBSITE-  Your information will be emailed to the email address attached to your paypal account.  The direct part of the binding is completed when you receive your Spirit Information, but you will be receiving your physical vessel in the mail as well.  Tracking information will be updated when your vessel ships.  


~ ALL beings offered through this Reverse Adoption will be flexible in terms of your needs and desires -  either they are not affectionate or sexual at all, or they are happy to NOT touch you or TO touch you affectionately and sexually (with an understanding that while you may be okay with affection, you won't necessarily be okay with anything sexual, just make sure you communicate with them and they will EASILY respect those desires- no questions asked).  


IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS-  You are FREE to message me and ask!  Just be aware that I cannot promise how quickly I can get back to you, and spaces are not held for you while you wait for me to answer.  <3

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