Sanguine & Psy Vampire Pair - Entities

Sanguine & Psy Vampire Pair - Entities





These two are quite something... Nearly polar opposites in personality and temperament, but I think this is what actually makes them so close and so incredibly strong together. Their traits and abilities and personalities play on each other fill in the 'gaps' between each other and forge an incredibly strong energy when they're working together making it hard to imagine them NOT accomplishing anythign they mean to. As companions to a keeper you may find that they fit into a place in your world and your heart you didn't even know was empty until they're with you... A strong match and an incredible path with them awaits you!




Tall, broad and quite solid in build he is a VERY impressive figure! He has pale skin, long black hair that he generally keeps tied back as he doesn't like it getting in his way- but he also always staunchly refused to cut it as he quite enjoys it long. His eyes are a dark dark brown that may appear nearly black from a distance but when you get closer you can see there is hints of shimmery green in their depths.

He was a warrior in life, someone who was strong willed, determined and fought for what they believed in without hesitation. He was brave, noble and always on the side of justice, equality and standing up for those who could not make themselves heard. He has a keen sense of right and wrong and an even keener way of obliterating the wrong when needed...


He will be a strong force in your life, redirecting your energy to those who deserve it and those projects and goals that will serve you best in life. He is forever rooting for the success of his keeper, celebrating you, helping you and guiding you. He is an incredibly active spirit and someone who will always be there to support you and help you when you need it most.


He is affectionate and caring but is not sexual in nature.




Extremely tall but very lean and slim in build. He has very pale skin and long silky blonde hair the very palest gold.. One shade darker than platinum, really. His eyes are a brilliant and nearly electric blue in colour. Everything about him seems to glow and shine and shimmer with energy and light. He looks like a dream, someone that isn't quite real and isn't quite in the world. It's a beautiful sight to see.


He is quiet in nature but not shy. Very introspective and he looks VERY deeply into people, situations and problems, always wanting to find the very root or heart of something before he even attempts to figure out the twists and turns to make it right. He is wonderful at seeing the good in people, in understanding their motives even if what they're doing is wrong and they need to be corrected. With this in mind he can help you take a good hard look at some of the people in your life that you think may not be what they seem, or who are acting in ways that confuse you or upset you. You may find with him that you understand these people a little more and why they do what they do... This, he wants to be clear, doesn't mean you need to keep them in your life if you feel you want to let them go, but understanding a person makes it easier to come to that decision.


He is incredible with dream work and astral travel, forging connections between worlds and dreams that you may not even have thought possible, and he works extremely hard to ensure that you are safe, secure and enlightened while traveling.


He is incredibly affectionate but is not sexual in nature.



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