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These quirky, flamboyant, incredibly over the top Vampires are REALLY something else.

For all the class that is the High Elf Vampires, these Vampires are the campy, flouncy cousins... Give or take. ;)

These Vampires were once Faerie Witches, turned vampires. Giving them the magic of the Fae side, including the ability to shift into a Black Cat, as well as all the power that comes with a vampire.


Pretty crazy mix, isn't it? That's just the start...


These vampires are over the top in terms of energy, but not dark energy. Bright, scintillating, incredibly captivating and magnetic energy. Energy that could only come from a Fae, and when mixed with a Vampire is a divine mix of incredible impossibility.


“Incredible Impossibility” is what they're all about. Manipulators of time, space, life and the world around you, you may sometimes be able to see them “bending the rules” that exist just enough to make things happen the way you want it to- so long as it serves you well. They, like most other helpful spirit beings, won't bother using their energy to bring things about for you that won't do you any good in the long run. Why would they work to make you ultimately unhappy? These guys are ABOUT happiness. Fun. Living life and taking what you truly need and want from it.


They are incredibly personable, more so than any vampire or fae I have ever met. Something about the mix of the two bloods makes them so open and easy to reach and bond with that there is less barriers between us and them. They reach out to us and make it easier to feel through the veil between realms and capture the energy and connection we strive for on this path. They won't immediately make you perfect at communication with them or your other spirits, but they do make it easier.


They know how to keep things balanced, even when they seem to be messing with forces that shouldn't be messed with. They know and understand the delicate balance that exists and can, without retribution or karmic pay back, make things work out the way they want them to.


They inspire self confidence, lessen the burden of stress and anxiety you carry, making life easier. They don't erase those things because they don't feel you gain anything by eliminating them completely, but they can remove you from it enough that you can deal with it more easily, help yourself more easily, find the things you need to help yourself, and not be so heavily affected by it all the time.


They are healers as well, working with energy in such simple and easy ways that you might groan for not having thought about trying the things they do. But they teach as they heal, giving you the tools to help yourself, feel more in control of your life, and feel more at home in your own skin.


They just make life sparkle a little more (though they don't sparkle, promise!), they make things feel BETTER, easier, more fun and a lot less stressful. They are the campiest, funniest, most incredibly engaging vampires you could ever ask for.



There is something very very special about this vampire... To be honest I can't tell if it's just that I, personally, respond strongly to his energy or if he just has the kind of energy that pulls something deep in you, makes you smile, makes you want to giggle for no reason... He is magnetic and so intensely captivating... VERY tall, I mean STAGGERINGLY tall with a very light build, he has lightly tanned skin, thick dark hair that's short on the sides and long on top and marvelously gorgeous eyes that seem to veer between being vibrantly purple and electric blue. In his cat form he is a tail, long furred silky black cat with angular violet eyes, a small bit of wite on his chest and the loudest purr and more piercing cat meow you can imagine. He commands attention in both forms, being over the top with energy, boisterous in and campy in attitude and he never fails to say EXACTLY what is on his mind. This can be jarring at times, especially as he has a particularly flowery and eloquent way of speaking that involves a lot of hand gestures and dramatic reactions. His magick is intensely potent, direct and always seems to get RIGHT to the point without any hedging around. He is capable, strong willed (but not TOO stubborn) and incredibly magickal. He is affectionate and can be sexual but REALLY doesn't care if that sort of relationship happens or not so long as he can hug you and kiss your cheeks.



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