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Skin-Walkers, “He who walks on all fours” come to us from the Navajo. These amazing beings are witches who posses the ability to shapeshift into animal form. Different from a were-creature and yet very similar ass well. These beings have many magickal talents in and out of the animal forms, and can be most powerful with keepers who's totems, spirit animals or affinity belongs to the animal they take the form of. But even if they are not your totem or spirit animal they can help you attune to that animal more strongly and the traits that animal provides.

In Navajo culture the Skin-Walkers are said to only posses the ability to change after they have killed another human. Because of this sort of tricky situation there are definitely some Skin-Walkers who are not very nice and would not make good spirit companions. As such, the Skin-Walkers I offer are those who were granted these abilities through causing the accidental death of another human through actions they had no true hand in. Most often these are Skin-Walkers who's mothers died in child birth, but also those simply involved in accidents. These are all spirits, as Skin-Walkers occupy the same plane as we do. By welcoming a Skin-Walker to you it may grant you the intuition to pick other Skin-Walkers out in our world. I do not suggest you go up to any of these Skin-Walkers unannounced and not introduced as most are exceptionally secretive.. A good deal of respect is important. <3




A very feisty sort of gentleman... He is tall with tanned skin, incredibly dark eyes and shoulder length straight black hair. He has a lean, slim but very strong build and very long limbs. In his wolf skin he is a large light brown and silvery toned wolf with the same dark dark eyes. His wolf is very large, very strong and very powerful in nature. Primal and forever listening to the call of the natural world around him. In both forms he has intense energy and connection to the natural world, he takes his cues from natural occurrences, fated events, 'coincidence' and follows the stars quite regularly. His intensity and connection to nature make him a very very strong spiritual companion as well as someone extremely protective. It also makes him someone that you may experience a lot of 'deja vu' around, as well as odd coincidences, odd fated sort of events and a strange 'lining up' up things in life that you can't help but notice. His way of life, of letting the word and the earth and it's energy guide him makes for a very stress free, very easy, very simple way of life that truly allows the world to guide you. It can make things so much easier, it can make life seem to flow without burden. You just have to be ready to let things guide you and not resist things as they happen. He is a warm, protective and incredibly loving companion to have. Someone who is very different and yet very familiar to have around. He is affectionate and can be sexual in nature but only if that sort of relationship is desired by you.



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