Spider Elf - Spirit

Spider Elf - Spirit



Weavers of Fate, travellers between realms, messengers from beyond the grave and so much more... Though often feared and despised, spiders are some of the most magickal creatures we are blessed to have in our realm. Lore and myth surrounds these lovely little beings, shrouding them in tales of mystery, of mysticism, of magick and so much more. If you see a spider near you, watch it.. if it stops near you, whisper to it all the things you want, the things you need, your deepest hearts desires, and let the spider take that with them to work on for you. Watch during times in your life when you're faced with difficult decisions, times of stress and uncertainty, watch for the spiders to show themselves when you start making choices that align with the fate they KNOW is correct for you. Spider elves, though not from our realm, are no exception to any of this.


They span a wide breadth of ability and look, just like spiders themselves do. They work as spiders do, aiding their keepers in difficult life choices, in following your path and embracing the life you need to lead. Some are delicate dreamers while others are stealthy and still others deal in justice, revenge, and can be the swift kick of karma you sometimes want to inflict on people. Your spider elf will be unique, but intense. Each and every one, no matter their size or looks, deal a walloping punch of energy, ability and clearing of communication for their keeper. If you are afraid of spiders, you may not want one of these elves as they can attract (non-harmful) spiders towards you when your path of fate is at a crossroads and they feel you need extra help and guidance. But if you understand spiders for what they truly are then these elves will be nothing but miracle workers for you.



Very tall and very lean and angular in build, though his features and everything else about him is very soft. He has medium golden coloured skin, waist length thick golden coloured hair and deep dark almost reddish amber coloured eyes. His limbs are very long and on others they may look like they're not all quite moving together but he has an ethereal grace and smoothness to his movements, and he's very expressive with his hands.


Sweet natured, kind, deeply caring and incredibly warm... He is to his keeper everything right, everything wonderful and everything dream worthy. But to those who oppose you, those who stand in your way and those who take from you without ever giving anything back, he could literally be their worst nightmare. He loves to protect his keeper but when it comes to protecting you from humans around you, he tends to inspire and influence nightmares in those who are taking advantage knowingly. He is fair about it, though, giving them nightmares only when they deserve it, only after doing something to you that is unkind or cruel, in hopes to teach them at a subconscious level that treating you poorly and taking advantage of you earns them nightmares that night. It's a subtle means of protection, one that can take time to be effective but it IS very effective all the same.


He is very loving, dreamy at times but intensely spiritual and powerful as a guide, mentor and teacher if you wish to learn from him. He opens channels of communication, clears self imposed blockages and amplifies your own natural abilities.


He is very loving and affectionate and can be sexual in nature but only if that sort of relationship is desired.



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