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While many of us are quite well versed with Shifters, we mostly know the ones that are human/animal shifters.  While these wonderful and incredible beings are basically the same, they are Elves who have an animal form rather than a human. 


With these shifters, not only do you have the magic of them and everything they are, you have the added, huge boost of them being amazingly talented and magical elves with an equally incredible and magically inclined animal form.


Stags of the Moon live in herds on their own in the woods.  Some herds are more inclined to their animal forms and some are more inclined to their human forms.  Meaning that some herds have settlements with small cabins and a more permanent place to live, while others do not and are more migratory in nature through the year.


All Stags of the Moon are incredibly intuitive creatures, sensitive to everything in the natural world.  The shift of the moon through it's phases, the changing of the seasons, the way the trees talk as the wind moves through them and how everything alive communicates at it's own vibration and in it's own way...  All of that, they are aware of, always listening, always communicating back.


They are strong when it comes to challenges, facing off against whatever is standing in their way or whatever is causing a problem, finding the roots of the matter and slowly unravelling and untangling it in order to not have to deal with the same issue again.  This makes them incredible beings to help with deep seated trauma, with long standing problems, as well as anything day to day.  They are amazing, loving and kind counsellors to have through life.


They trust their instincts and their intuition above everything else.  If one speaks of what they feel their intuition is telling them, everyone listens and takes it seriously.  They know how to trust themselves, to follow their inner voice, and with them you can follow your own, learn to trust what you mind and instincts really know and to listen to your subconscious.  


They are playful beings, full of life, love and laughter.  They never deny their inner child and desire to just spend a day doing as they please, letting themselves enjoy the world, enjoy time to it's fullest and never guilt themselves for taking time needed to nurture their souls.  To them, the inner child is a very real thing, a part of themselves that needs care and time spent with it in order to keep it healthy and happy, which in turn soothes their souls, makes them happier and gives them balance and clarity in life.  We could learn a lot from them from this and this alone...


They are truly and deeply loving, caring and spiritual companions.  Some of the most amazing beings out there, ready to embrace and love you as one of their own tribe and herd.




In his stag form he is tall, slightly stocky in build but incredibly fleet and graceful in movement. He has dark brown fur that has subtle hints of red in it, a very light throat and underbelly and wide antlers that are incredibly sharp at their points. In his elf form he is very tall, sturdy in build, but still retains that absolutely inhuman grace that comes both from being an elf, and being a stag. He has lightly tanned skin, long wavy dark brown hair that shines red in the sun, and in both forms he has big dark brown eyes that are full of softness and affection. He has an immense strength in energy, like a pillar of iron deep within him, but surrounded by a body and soul made for love, spiritual endeavors and laughter.
Intensely intuitive, he can bring out that side of you more strongly as well, and you may find that at the start you anticipate things before they happen. Looking at your phone just before it rings. Checking for an email just before one comes in. Getting up to look outside to check to the mail just as it arrives. These small things are the beginnings and give your doubting mind an opening to truly see what you might be capable of, lending you the belief and the confidence to push further, past your doubts, past your boundaries, and to see what you can truly DO. He is so full of happiness, of love, of healing energy and affection. He loves to find as many creative ways as possible to let you know he's around, and is truly master of the 'coincidence' that may at times just make you burst out laughing when you see what he's aligned just to make a point to you. ;) He is open and very affectionate and can be sexual but only if his keeper desires that sort of relationship with him.



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