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From an Ocean long since disappeared, these amazing beings could be considered 'mermaids' and 'mermen' but at quite different than the ones you may normally think of. Tethys MerCreatures are half 'human' body and half 'ocean' body. Their lower bodies are that of fish but can range in style and look, they are not always the traditional 'fish' look. Their human bodies are much longer, exaggerated in limb and build. They have fewer ribs that a human would, making them very flexible and lithe in the water. They are vampiric in nature, feeding on both blood and energy, though as spirits (their kind is long extinct) they do not need to feed, making them perfectly safe to have around, much like a psy vampire is very safe to have as a spirit. They do, however, know exactly how to identify a negative energy 'feeder' in their keepers life, and will swiftly shut that connection down. They can also siphon off excessive energy in their keeper, namely anxiety and negative thoughts, sluicing it off of you and away from you, leaving you feeling less burdened, less unhappy and far more positive and refreshed. They 'feed' their keeper in many ways as well, nurturing your energy with ambient energy from the world around you, tailoring what they draw energy from (never another human or animal, they would never drain another living being) to suit whatever you need, be it love energy, clarity for clear thinking, focus, refreshing your mind, relaxing you, bringing on revelations, aiding you in sleep and so much more. They have the ability to appear in their mercreature forms, or they can also show themselves as truly 'humanoid' in appearance. Some may favour one form over another. This 'shapeshifting' is due to them being spirits, this allows them to appear any which way they want to or that you want them to. In life they were not shapeshifters. Being creatures of water means they are beings that deal heavily in emotion. They are creatures of intense energy and they communicate through that energy in waves, feelings, associations and so much more. This makes them incredible beings for keepers who struggle with telepathic communication, these beings can easily communicate through words, but even more easily they communicate through feelings, fluctuations in emotion and temperature, ripples and tingles across skin and sudden intense feelings of happiness and joy that make you smile for no reason. They work hard with their keepers and their emotional needs, aiming to heal past wounds, cut ties with past or current relationships that are dragging you down, aid you in breaking old habits and forming new and healthier ones. Anything that is keeping you tied to something or someone that you don't like, they take care of. They take care of YOU!


Each mercreature embodies the traits listed here, write ups are for appearance and personality so you can get to know each one personally and perhaps make a connection!

Side Note- “Names” are not something they had while alive. Their kind identified each other and spoke through telepathy and energy only. They have chosen names for themselves here, but would welcome their keeper's to choose one for them if they don't like what's here. ;) (They had a lot of questions about names and this came from part of the conversation where I said some people form disagreeable feelings towards certain names. So in the event that their keeper has a bad memory or feeling attached to a name, they are not tied to them in any way and would like you to change it for them.)




This lovely creature has no ties to gender what so ever and was rather confused when we talked about it. So there is no gender presented here.


They are incredibly long and slim in build with their lower half being almost eel like, though not like any eel we know of now! While eel like in shape, their lower body is wide, patterned with heavily armoured scales that are a deep glowing purple and feel almost metallic to the touch. Their upper body is slim, elongated in the torso and the arms as well as the neck. They have pale-ish slightly purple toned skin, long masses of 'hair' that seems more plant like and alive than like any hair we know of, and wide incredibly shining eyes that glow and illuminate the dark areas in which they lived. Quiet in nature but strong in energy, they are a spirit that bonds quickly and deeply. Attaching to you in a non-threatening but soul deep sort of way that settles a corner of you that you may not even have realized needed settling. They are careful in the messages they impart, always wanting to hit things at just the right time and in just the right way, which may make them seem not very talkative or personable at first until you get to understand how they work, the different levels of communication and ability they have, and all the myriad of ways they let you know they're around without any actual direct words or messages. So lovely to be near, there is something incredible about this particular Tethys Mercreature. I have really enjoyed my time spent with them and know whoever is lucky enough to be their actual keeper is going to have an absolutely spellbinding and every surprising time with them. <3 They are affectionate in their own way but not sexual in nature.


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