Those of the Black Water - Spirit

Those of the Black Water - Spirit



The Hollow Realm is a very dark, incredibly dangerous and downright FASCINATING realm.
I have been carefully visiting and learning for quite a few months now (I did really want to be finished and ready to offer spirits from there for Samhain but I needed some extra time to be extra extra extra sure of things!) and interacting with and keeping some spirits from there on my own for that time as well... And let me tell you... They are incredible.


The Hollow Realm isn't a true 'full' realm like most others. It seems to be in a space between realms. It isn't massive, but it isn't a small, and it seems to ever be shifting it's actual shape to bend around the spaces it fits between.


It is a realm of perpetual 'just after sunset' with little colour, an odd hush to the atmosphere, and creatures the likes of which may only dwell in nightmares before now.


Make no mistake, this realm is DANGEROUS. The living creatures residing there are DANGEROUS and as such there will not EVER be living entities offered from there through my store, it would be asking for disaster.... but as with a lot of dark and dangerous beings (many typical Fae and Elves included ;) ) having them as spirits negates the danger they may pose to you as a keeper. They look for companionship, look to help and offer their incredible and often jaw dropping abilities to those that wish to have them in their homes, and can be surprisingly loving, caring and EXCEPTIONALLY devoted companions. Loyalty, even in life, seems to be an incredible thing to those that spent their lives in The Hollow Realm. It is bought, sold and traded like currency and so to have a being from The Hollow be loyal to you as their own choice is a pretty amazing thing.


Today, from The Hollow, let's visit-




In life they are creatures that dwell in the black, sightless depths of the water ways and lakes in the Hollow Realm. They like to lurk where they aren't seen and slowly creep towards anyone stopping at the waters edge. Those that stop had best not ever meet their eyes because if they do, they may find themselves trapped in their gaze and invited to share their deepest darkest secrets and wishes. Anyone not of strong mind will do so, openly. Those of the Black Water will then decide if they so wish to keep the one who has shared the secrets, pulling them down to the icy depths forever, or – potentially even worse than an icy water death- grant them their darkest of desires...


As spirits they are absolutely NOT HARMFUL in any way. Their energy is very strong and their abilities, for some, may prove to be uncomfortable in some ways, but they are NOT harmful. In fact, they can be exceedingly helpful...


As spirit companions, they help their keeper's face their darker side, aid in shadow work, and dig deeply into the things you deeply wish you could change about yourself to help you MAKE those changes. Because of what they help with, they can be uncomfortable at times. The work they aid and help in is VERY uncomfortable work in general, there is no way around that. But it can be very necessary work... And they aren't afraid of it. And they are not afraid of the darker side of who you are. In fact, they will help you to not only face it, but accept it and see it as part of YOU. An important part of yourself that is often ignored, shunned and neglected. We don't like to see the bad parts of ourselves, but we all have them, thats just how it is. So we do tend to ignore it. We don't nurture those parts of ourselves because we don't see them in any way as redeeming. But with the help of Those of the Black Water we can begin to understand WHY we have those parts, what they truly are, where they came from, and that they can be acknowledged and accepted without guilt and without worry that they will rule us.


Truly, Those of the Black Water are some of the most useful beings out there.. But they are not for the faint of heart...




An absolutely gorgeous creature... She looks rather innocent and sweet and she certainly used that to her advantage in life. He is long in all ways, long hair, long neck, long torso, long arms, long tail. Her skin has a rippling sort of opalescent effect that comes from nearly translucent scales that pattern all over her human upper body. Her skin is a very pale blue and her incredibly long thick hair is a dark mossy green. Her eyes are a brilliant silver that can appear almost white. Her lower half is that of a fish and her scales are mostly translucent and shimmering with opal like colours. Her fins are long, pure white and sail like as she drifts through the water.


She looks delicate and gentle but her energy, her influence and persuasion are STRONG. But all of those things in her come out as being an incredibly powerful motivator and someone who deeply understands people on a level that may not even be aware of within themselves. At a glance she can understand motives, intentions, truths and lies. With a bit of conversation she can easily figure out weak spots and places where someone may stumble. But with her keeper, her knowledge of these things can be a leg up to you when dealing with others, but when she knows these things about YOU, she knows how to help you in your deepest darkest moments. She will understand you in a deep and maybe sometimes unnerving way. But nothing she knows is ever ammunition to hurt you, only to guide you and help you andlead you towards understanding yourself at a level so soul deep it's almost impossible.


She is affectionate and very loving, but is not sexual in nature.



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