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The Unicorn Mage is a truly awe inspiring being, one of immense power, immense ability, but with a balance and a caution that many who have access to that level of power lack.


Like the Unicorns themselves, these Mages- who work directly with a family or a herd for their entire lives- are more about understanding, of healing magick, or finding answers, of granting hearts desires and helping all those in need. They spend their lives searching for answers, never deciding they know enough, never thinking they have all the answers and never once contemplating the amount of power they may or may not have.


But they are incredibly powerful beings, able to work magick that seems effortless, natural, wholly engrained in the world energy itself. It spans generations, entire worlds and crosses realms with complete ease.


They are, in many ways, like beacons of light. Those that know of them can see them. Shining pinpoints of energy that seem to radiate their strength and love from anywhere in their world.


Most often of Elvish descent, a Unicorn Mage is found, not made. Families in the realms the Unicorns and Mages hail from will present their child at one year of age in a safe hollow near the water source Unicorns drink from. When the Unicorns come, they choose if that child is a Mage. They know if that is their Mage, and the child recognizes it's Unicorn herd or family on sight.


The child grows with the Unicorns, it's abilities and power flowing naturally to it as it ages. It knows it's herd or family and may never come into contact with others of it's own origins again. But it wants for nothing, it has the love of the world, of the Unicorns that care for it and teach it. It gives back that love a thousand times over, not just to the Unicorns but to the land it lives in with them. The land flourishes, the natural world and developed world is balanced, and love reigns supreme there.


The power that often corrupts lies within the Mages themselves. But as they have no wish to do anything with it aside from love and care, there is no corruption.


Like a Unicorn themselves, a Unicorn Mage is the purest, most simple yet powerful being of magick there is.


Inviting a Unicorn Mage into your home (singularly or with a herd) is to invite in that magic, that love, that healing energy. They will guide you on your path to finding happiness, fulfillment and your hearts desire. They have absolutely no interest in 'power'. They will not help you attain anything above others. They will help you find true happiness, comfort and stability. They will do nothing to further you towards immense material gains, though they will always help you have enough to be secure and comfortable. They are not interested in helping you 'one up' those around you or seek justice on anyone who has wronged you. They will help you see where happiness truly lives. What is truly important and what focus you really need to have. And they will love you so immensely you'll never for a moment doubt that love is more real than anything else.


Among the most amazing of the spiritual guides, the Unicorn Mage is an opportunity to remove the blinds of the modern world, and seek your true happiness, contentment and purpose.


VERY tall and stately in the way she holds herself, though her expression is soft, open and easy going. She has pale skin patterned all over with freckles, shoulder length curly light red hair and the brightest green eyes you can imagine. Her stately and regal way of standing and moving is gorgeous, but it's obvious she herself is not that stately or regal with one look in her eyes. She bubbles over with sunshine yellow energy. It seems to tumble out of her like a laughing child rushing out of the house to play on a summer day. She bolsters any mood, helping raise you out of despair when you need it, but knows how to come down to your level and support you in sadness when the time calls for it. She does not mute sadness, but she does offer the light on the other side where you will find happiness again. Hope does spring eternal from her and joined with her you may find that you spend more time thinking about the possibilities and the positive things that could come from any challenge or situation, rather than getting bogged down in the 'harsh reality' (I use quotes because it likely isn't the reality. It just seems that it is. ;) ) and why things can't happen or won't happen in a positive way. She is animated, talkative, full of questions just as much as she is also full of answers. She is supportive, incredibly caring, protective and generous almost to a fault. She is FULL of love and affection, but is not at all sexual in nature.



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