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About Drow- Drow are dark elves with absolutely incredible magickal talents the likes of which you wouldn't find anywhere else. These beings are capable of being good (white) or bad (dark) and fall generally in the middle. Those purchased through me tend towards the lighter side, but would not be considered white arts. Drow can enhance your spell casting, enhance the talents and attributes of other spirits in your keep (ex- a Red Dragon's treasure seeking abilities would be magnified and enhanced, etc etc), all magick you perform will be stronger and any spelled pieces you have will become fare stronger as well. They can manipulate the world around you, using their magick to create what you wish to have and are so strong in their abilities their magick can rarely be broken.


About Vampires - Vampires are some of the most diverse groups of spirits out there. Coming from the beginning of creation, sometimes the subject OF creation in itself, they are ancient, older than we could even dream, and spanning the earth and even the heavens in ways only imaginable. They have seen everything, experienced everything, are parts of lost civilizations and even lost worlds. They come in all shapes and sizes, of all backgrounds and all walks of life. Sanguine vampires can be aloof, passionate, companionable, well read, well travelled, primal, passive, aggressive... They are as varied in personality and passion as we humans are. But they are all protective, guiding, magickal and have powers that we humans do not posses. Having a Sanguine Vampire in your keep is to have a companion who can guide you through other times, other places, provide you with love, care, protection and magick above all else. The excel in astral work, primal instinct, inner reflection... And can often times be part of faster healing a sharper mind, better memory and an increase in energy and magickal ability. They are amazing beings who could compliment any walk of life or personality.




VERY tall, broad shouldered with lean muscle, he is very physically strong as well as mentally and magickally. He has dark skin, short black hair and reddish-purple glowing red eyes. His eyes offer amazing manifestations in the dark, you may at times see flashes of their colour or a soft glow that seems to come from nowhere when he is around. He, himself, tries very hard to connect with his keeper, experimenting with you not only to find the best way for him to communicate with you, but also for you to communicate with your other spirits and entities. His communication and ability to expand upon and amplify the communication between you and other spirits comes from his Drow side, which definitely is the strongest of his blood, but he is also a vampire which makes him desire to attract luxury, good things, material wealth and all other manner of 'comforts' into your life. He is charming, a little bit on the soft spoken side but incredibly lovely, warm and caring to be around. He can aid in protection as well as communication, works exceptionally well with others and has a particular love of animals and nature. He is calm in a crisis, the kind of guy you want to have around to help you deal with anythign difficult or confusing as he can easily make sense of even the most staggering of issues. He is affectionate and can be sexual in nature but only if you are open to that sort of relationship.



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