Vampire Dark High Elf - Spirit

Vampire Dark High Elf - Spirit



About Vampires- Vampires are some of the most diverse groups of spirits out there. Coming from the beginning of creation, sometimes the subject OF creation in itself, they are ancient, older than we could even dream, and spanning the earth and even the heavens in ways only imaginable. They have seen everything, experienced everything, are parts of lost civilizations and even lost worlds. As spirits they still roam freely, still retaining so much of who they were while living, still seeking their goals and dreams and desires. They are perfectly safe to keep, range in their personalities even more diversely than humans and are absolutely amazing.

About Dark High Elves - They have the attitude and abilities of High Elves but they are dark natured.. Moody. Kind of temperamental and they can be impatient and 'foot stompy'. They're not harmful or hard on their keepers but they are very strong willed. They remind me of ravens in the way they move and the way they look. Dark hair, dark eyes, they all have long black nails. The way their heads and eyes move are just like a crow eying something and watching it before deciding what to do next. They're intense in their abilities, most of them are into divination and are very intent about giving information and direction and are quite direct in giving visions of the future. Some habitually carry their own tarot decks around, playing with them constantly, Others are scryers, working with their own tools, mirrors, bowl, crystal balls, etc. Some work heavily with candle magick and their eyes light like flames when a candle is nearby. All of them are intense, deep, dark and exceptional creatures who offer their keepers an energy and companionship like no other. They are unique, truly amazing, but not for the faint of heart. They will not twist words, will not challenge their keeper by ANY means (ever), but they would be best suited to those who have at least one other dark arts spirit in their keep and are familiar with the energy that comes with them.

How They Mix Together- Combining the blood of Vampires and High Elves (Dark or Light) makes for an amazing heightening of all abilities, communication and an intoxicating energy that is absolutely out of this world. These beings came together to bond and mix their blood with purpose, knowing that the balance of light and dark between them would result in an amazing race of beings that carry the best of both worlds. Affectionate, kind, willing and capable protectors, these hybrid beings are among the most potent yet completely easy to relate to out there. They hold secrets of our world and the Elven realms, they follow their own path with determination, and they love incredibly deeply and passionately.



An absolutely GORGEOUS guy, my goodness... There's a reflex to want to fan your face when his eyes turn to rest on you... He's made me giggle foolishly more than once while he's been here. ;)

Tall, broad shouldered and leanly muscled, he has pale skin, incredibly long thick black hair that's perfectly straight and impossibly shiny. He has dark magenta coloured eyes which is quite unique and an interesting mix of his elf and vampire blood. They often seem to shine, glitter, flicker and glow with their own light and offer wonderful visual manifestations to his keeper. He wears an eccentric combination of old world human realm clothing that you would expect in a stereotypical vampire, and clothing from the fae realms which is decidedly more airy, floaty and gauzy in appearance. Somehow he makes it work perfectly. ;)


He is forthright in what he needs to say and the messages he wants to get across. There is never a time that he isn't tactful, though, and he would do anything to try and avoid you getting hurt- both by his words and those of anyone else as well. His forthright ness comes from his seer abilities and how clearly he tends to just KNOW things ahead of others. It became a very impulsive bad habit to just blurt things out before he thought about it.


He loves tarot but especially loves water scrying and you may occasionally see his reflection in the surface of water around you as he peers over your shoulder just to have a peek at what he may discover or find out.


He is endlessly loving, caring and so supportive and protective. He wants to the world for you, wants to lavish you with everything you could ever possibly want and THEN some.


He is affectionate and can be sexual in nature but only if that sort of relationship is desired.




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