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About Vampires- Vampires are some of the most diverse groups of spirits out there. Coming from the beginning of creation, sometimes the subject OF creation in itself, they are ancient, older than we could even dream, and spanning the earth and even the heavens in ways only imaginable. They have seen everything, experienced everything, are parts of lost civilizations and even lost worlds. As spirits they still roam freely, still retaining so much of who they were while living, still seeking their goals and dreams and desires. They are perfectly safe to keep, range in their personalities even more diversely than humans and are absolutely amazing.

About High Elves - High Elves are an incredibly powerful race of elves. They are generally exceptionally tall, devestatingly attractive with pale hair and eyes. They are built lithely but strongly, making them hard to resist both because of how attractive they are and their energy as well. Known to coerce humans into doing just about anything they would like (in life) they can offer powerful abilities of persuasion to your world. They are masterful with magick of all kinds, amazing at protection, shielding (both personal and around your home and property). They can be quite amourous, desiring human interaction in a more primal way as well as an intellectual way. Their magick is potent and strong, working with illusion, elemental magick, candle magick and just about every kind of divination. Each one can hone your psychic abilities, inspire lucid dreaming/dream control, dream sharing, stronger peace of mind, third eye opening and astral travel. High Elf spirits love to invite their keepers to see their world, as well. If you have a desire to know more of the Fae realms, work with divination of any kind, amp up your psychic skills or find a truly breathtaking lover, look no further than a high elf.

How They Mix Together- Combining the blood of Vampires and High Elves makes for an amazing heightening of all abilities, communication and an intoxicating energy that is absolutely out of this world. These beings came together to bond and mix their blood with purpose, knowing that the balance of light and dark between them would result in an amazing race of beings that carry the best of both worlds. Affectionate, kind, willing and capable protectors, these hybrid beings are among the most potent yet completely easy to relate to out there. They hold secrets of our world and the Elven realms, they follow their own path with determination, and they love incredibly deeply and passionately.


Astral Entities - Astral Entities are beings who are still alive but live in a different realm/universe than we do. This means that while you will still interact with them the same way you would a spirit (they are not physically in our world, you are not physically in theirs) the connection can be much stronger, more pronounced and more vivid. Often when people have difficulty connecting with spirits I ask them if they have tried interacting with entities instead. :) This does not hold true for everyone, but having an entity companion can be very different, rewarding and incredibly wonderful for you and for them as well. I choose older vampires in other realms as entity companions here, those who are often Council members, considered to be elders, and have considerable knowledge. Those who are passionate, but none who are dangerous. They are perfectly safe to be paired with. <3




He looks quite young but appearances are VERY deceiving here as he is among the oldest of the Vampire High Elves that I have offered. He is slightly above average human height, which makes him of the smaller side for an elf, with very pale skin, hip length white-blonde hair that he often weaves with a few small braids entwined with gold. His limbs are long and graceful and his hands need to be mentioned because they are absolutely gorgeous, smooth, long fingered and heavy with beautiful Goblin made rings and bracelets. His eyes are a brilliant warm amber and often seem to be illuminated from the inside with their own brilliant light. Calm, centering, balanced and extremely confident. He can bring structure, order and a realignment of a chaotic and out of control feeling life. Making you feel more in control of yourself, your path, and your life as a whole. If you sometimes feel like a spectator in your own life, like you're living 'in the third person', or that you can't help but allow others to make decisions for you even though you want to think for yourself, this is a companion for you. The change is subtle, gentle and natural. It's not an altogether turn around right from the start since something that abrupt would be truly AWFUL to try and deal with. But slowly and a little bit at a time, let him, his companionship and his abilities infuse your life, infuse YOU, and let you shift into the drivers seat of your life. Aside from this he is also extremely protective of his keeper, watching over you and often acting like a shadow in day to day life. He is nurturing and healing, adept with magick from his Elf side that can surpass anything in the human world in potency, prowess and results. He is open, talkative, easy to connect and bond with and has a surprising and incredible sense of humour. With him, the sky is the limit in your life. Invite him in and see what he can do with and for you, and ensure yourself a companion for life (and beyond if you want him to follow you!). He is affectionate and can be sexual but only if you are open to that sort of relationship.



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