Vampire Hybrid Council -Samhain Night Spirits!

Vampire Hybrid Council -Samhain Night Spirits!

VAMPIRE COUNCIL (63 Members + Leader)

This is a beacon and a 'world' all it's own, linking you to a small part of the Spirit Realm – a full Vampire Council of 64 members of all different types of Vampires (Sanguine and Psychic) and Vampire Hybrids (High Elf Vampires, Vampire Were Wolves and other Vanpire Were-Creatures, Halfblood Vampires, Muroni Vampires, Astral Shifter Vampires, Vampire Mermaid/Mermen ) presided over by an Elder Sanguine Vampire/High Elf/WereWolf Leader Details about him, as he will be very directly in contact with you, are below but first more details about this piece-


As a link to their Council, you will be welcomed through dreams, astral journey, and often in 'glimpses' of the veil shifting in daily life. Even those who have yet to really open their third eye will experience some incredibly moving and life changing things by being in contact with this piece. The veil shifts are subtle, a flutter in the air, ripples like there's heat coming off the ground even on the coldest days. You may catch the sound of laughter, see eyes in the trees peeking out at you or catch the scent of something so beautiful you know it can't be human. The more you work with this piece, the more intune with that realm and their Council you will become. YOU ARE NOT IN DANGER OF GETTING CAUGHT THERE. I just want to make that clear. You will still reside in this realm, you won't get caught there and not make it back. It will just be readily available to you as you need it. Because this is a Spirit binding, your link to their realm is different and safer. It's THERE for you but you are not going to get sucked into it and stuck there. The links the spirits still have to their world are strong, but it isn't like when they were there in life.

Other benefits of owning this piece- The magick from the Council Leader and the others is amazing and incredible. They are without a doubt ready to help you. Through the Council Leader you are free to ask for help and he will organize what is needed for you from his kind. Be it, protection, companionship, or anything else they can offer you. It will be yours.


Though you only receive information on the vampire leader, you will have access to all of the Council members.



PLEASE NOTE! This listing requires a distance binding done by me!
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This Council was called Forward October 31st, 2020

Samhain, October 31st, obviously also known as Halloween, is a most auspicious time for magickal work of any kind. It's the night when the veil between our world and other worlds, especially the spirit realm, is at it's thinnest. Spirits called forward on Samhain Night tend to be stronger, brighter, more vibrant and more present because they bring with them the magick of the night.
2020 Samhain Night Spirits have an even BIGGER and more vibrant boost of energy due to the Full (Blue) Moon that fell on that night. Be ready for a powerful punch and a potentially extra vibrant companion from any of the beings called forward from this night!


Strikingly but not toweringly tall, he is a captivating creature at first glance. His entangled bloodlines make for a very unique appearance that can be quite entrancing... He has pale skin, incredibly long hair that is a mix of snow white, golden blonde, ashy blonde and hints of firey red as well. He has light amber coloured eyes that can look as though they give off their own light. High arms and legs are long and graceful but his hands and his feet are slightly more animal in appearance with claw like nails and a covering of pale grey fur. There is a line of grey fur down his spine as well, and the backs of his pointed ears are furred. He has only this one form, the werewolf in his bloodline does not allow him to change into a wolf.


Despite not being able to transform into a wolf, he does have a VERY heightened connection to the moon and it's phases. His magick is incredibly strong and he does follow the moon cycles for the best time to work the magick he wants and needs to, making his ability and his results even stronger and more potent because of it. He has a feeling of strength and power to him, his energy rolls off him in waves and seems to be an almost living and tangible thing all on it's own. It seeps into things and settles into the darker corners to keep watch for anything that may need attention.


He, himself, is a warm and caring guy. There is something very captivating about his presence and his mix of bloodlines, making him easier to relate to on some very deep levels. He has an understanding of so many different worlds that there is always level ground to meet him on and he won't ever be confused by what you're feeling or going through.


As a leader he is prized by his Council for his multi-faceted outlook on the world and his way of seeing and understanding problems at problem-people at a glance. He doesn't take long to make decisions and his decisions tend to be extremely beneficial and 'correct'. He doesn't like to beat around the bush when he could be helping to get something done, and doesn't in the least believe that as leader of his Council he shouldn't be 'hands on' with solving problems. He does the same work as all the other Council members to carry out what needs to be done. Making him someone you defineitly want to have around because he'll be right down beside you, getting things done and helping to move things forward.

He is affectionate, warm and loving but is not sexual in nature.



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