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Viking Vampires are massive, muscular and incredibly broad vampires. They don't embody the physical traits one might think of in a stereotypical vampire, but their imposing size makes them wonderful protectors, often just needing to stand up straight between you and what means you harm to scare it off. Not much out there likes to tangle with a Viking Vampire.
Viking Vampires live by amazing codes of honour, both as warriors and just in terms of life as well. They honour their partners, holding nothing more sacred or important than serving them to the best of their ability. They work tirelessly to provide for you, your happiness and wellbeing are the most important things to them. They have earthy, incredibly mystical magick. They honour the Gods and Goddesses in all they do and bring a bright and fresh element of spirituality to their keeper's lives. If you feel stuck in a rut spiritually or in life in general, they can get you out of it, help you find your right path, help you eliminate what no longer serves you and help you feel like life is brand new. Even as vampires their entire way of life is devoted to the balance and order of natural life, keeping things even, honouring the earth and the beings that walk on it. If you're looking for a very unique vampire experience, look no further!




Incredibly tall and broad, though a little leaner in build than most Viking Vampires, he is no less imposing physically due to his height and breadth. He has light skin, though his cheeks are perpetually flushed, masses of long black hair with a few streaks of white and deep blue eyes. He wears heavy armour of furs and leather with a few bits of rather intricate metal and highly decoratively carved bone. He loves to work his his hands and loved to create things in life, working with metal, with wood, with bone and with stone to make beautiful little trinkets, jewelery, tools, weapons and so much more. As a spirit he offers immense protection, and while he cannot make things in the physical realm for you, he can try and do what he can in terms of 'creation' to bring lovely things into your life through windfalls, circumstance and 'luck'. He is very personable, very warm and very inviting to be near. His protection is absolutely astounding in his strength... Especially given that you won't ever feel shielded and guarded, never feel closed in by wards, his work and protection is practically invisible by design... Far easier to trap those who intend you harm if they feel lured into a sense of security that you are unprotected. ;) He is easy to connect and bond with and so wonderfully warm to be near... Affectionate and open with his words of love, he can be sexual in nature but desires a close emotional bond far more than a physical one.



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