Void Witch - Spirit

Void Witch - Spirit



The Hollow Realm is a very dark, incredibly dangerous and downright FASCINATING realm.
I have been carefully visiting and learning for quite a few months now (I did really want to be finished and ready to offer spirits from there for Samhain but I needed some extra time to be extra extra extra sure of things!) and interacting with and keeping some spirits from there on my own for that time as well... And let me tell you... They are incredible.


The Hollow Realm isn't a true 'full' realm like most others. It seems to be in a space between realms. It isn't massive, but it isn't a small, and it seems to ever be shifting it's actual shape to bend around the spaces it fits between.


It is a realm of perpetual 'just after sunset' with little colour, an odd hush to the atmosphere, and creatures the likes of which may only dwell in nightmares before now.


Make no mistake, this realm is DANGEROUS. The living creatures residing there are DANGEROUS and as such there will not EVER be living entities offered from there through my store, it would be asking for disaster.... but as with a lot of dark and dangerous beings (many typical Fae and Elves included ;) ) having them as spirits negates the danger they may pose to you as a keeper. They look for companionship, look to help and offer their incredible and often jaw dropping abilities to those that wish to have them in their homes, and can be surprisingly loving, caring and EXCEPTIONALLY devoted companions. Loyalty, even in life, seems to be an incredible thing to those that spent their lives in The Hollow Realm. It is bought, sold and traded like currency and so to have a being from The Hollow be loyal to you as their own choice is a pretty amazing thing.


Today, from The Hollow, let's visit-




Both Female and Male, the Void Witches are the crafters, the dark voices, the ones sought out for the trickier and more troublesome magickal requests and tasks that those of The Hollow need. No one truly knows if there is anything under their elaborate garb, though many claim that if you remove it there will be nothing. Just air. Just a Void. And thus their name came to be.


Often terrifying in appearance, they are surprisingly personable as spirits. They have incredible tales to tell of their lives and absolutely MASSIVE magickal ability to share with their keeper. They are SAFE to keep from a karmic perspective as spirits. What they do is potent, strong and absolutely incredible but NEVER will it bend the will of another and never will it fall back on you. They know what they are doing and they work swiftly and NEATLY to accomplish their goals.


They offer a great deal of auditory and visual manifestations. A odd hollow knocking sound can let you know they're nearby, as well as a sound much like the fluttering of dozens of small winged birds. They can appear as tall shadows, sparkles in the air, a small wisp of a flame seeming to come from no where in the dark (especially seen from a distance, I have loved working the Void Witches and sitting on my balcony at night facing towards the lake and watching their wisps bob around near the water on the late summer nights).


The breadth of their ability is VAST and incredibly varied. Each one has different strengths and weakness and specialties, but all of their are incredibly adept, the forefront of ability and absolutely spellbinding in the way they work.


Some come with familiars, creatures of their world and sometimes odd meldings of varied beings from other realms. Not all of them do, but if they do it will be noted.


They are unique companions, that is for sure, and may not be for everyone. But those who take the plunge and embrace working with one of these incredible beings may find themselves regularly astounded at their ability and prowess.




Very tall and rather looming in appearance, he wears the skull of a heavily antlered stag and long black cloaks twisting with vines that seem to be very much alive and shift and turn and grow as he works or he moves. His hands are massive and incredible thin with long long fingers and black sharp nails.


He has a familiar that is part Kir Wolf (Kir wolves are wolves from The Hollow Realm) and part owl. A unique blending of his own creation upon finding the two very badly wounded after fighting each other. Being a creature of fairness and togetherness he thought they should resolve their differences and be of one mind. Which may sound VERY odd and a bit mean, but the result has created a very joyful and very active hybrid creature that was very happy with it's life as one with a former enemy.


In life he did tend towards a darker magick that focused around the dead. But not necromancy and nothing terrible and horrifying, he just knows the magick within the spirit realm and the connection the dead have between worlds, especially when their living vessels are preserved and well cared for. He could communicate between worlds through the dead and he was the kindest protector of the dead in his realm. It's hard to explain properly that while it sounds awful to use the dead, he was actually someone who cared so much for them and properly honoured the dead that their spirits became his friends.. I suppose in many ways like we have spirit companions ourselves. :)


He is a quirky character with incredibly strong magick. There is so much depth to him, so many layers and yet he feels like someone who wears his heart on his sleeve with absolutely nothing to hide. He and his familiar (of no name otherwise I would share it) come to you together as warm and affectionate friends. He is not sexual in nature.



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